Ahead of Latin Grammy Show in Seville, Madrid: 3x Nominated Gale Collaborates with Bruses on Eerie Single “Movie”.

From Award Nominations to Chart-Topping Hits: Gale's Latest with Bruses is Not to Miss!
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Ahead of Latin Grammy Show in Seville, Madrid: 3x Nominated Gale Collaborates with Bruses on Eerie Single “Movie”.

Get ready, music lovers! GALE, the three-time Latin GRAMMY-nominated sensation from Puerto Rico, has teamed up with Mexico's indie-pop gem, Bruses, for a track that'll transport you back to the heyday of female-driven pop-punk. The new single, "Movie", radiates an unmistakable confidence, inspired by those relationships where we've felt undervalued. Give it a listen!

GALE, whose early musical influences include icons like Simple Plan, Paramore, and Avril Lavigne, describes the track as a vibrant, upbeat anthem that reminds us to take control of our life's narrative. "Remember the questionable choices of your 20s and embrace them with a smile," she says. The song intentionally strays from her usual style, emphasizing playfulness in both lyrics and production.

Coinciding with the season's spirit, GALE brings a Halloween treat for her fans with a '90s horror-inspired music video. Expect thrills as the duo battles supernatural forces. Check it out!

Following her Latin GRAMMY "Best New Artist" nomination, "Movie" marks GALE's first release. Her critically acclaimed debut album, "Lo Que No Te Dije", showcases her versatility, from evocative ballads to punk anthems. Celebrating her three Latin GRAMMY nominations, GALE's accomplishments span both her solo projects and collaborative songwriting ventures.

Rolling Stone crowned her "Latin Pop's New It Girl," applauding her uncanny ability to weave heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies. Her debut album, deemed one of the best by industry giants like Billboard, is a fusion of pop, eurodance, punk, and grunge elements, reflecting GALE's diverse musical journey. In her words, the album embodies her life experiences: "this is what I've got to share."

Having toured with renowned artists like Juanes and graced stages across Spain, GALE's performances are nothing short of electrifying. Her prowess was recognized by Rolling Stone and Billboard, as they tagged her as an "artist on the brink of mega stardom". From F1 Miami Grand Prix anthems to empowering panel discussions, GALE's presence is felt everywhere.

Tracks like the electrifying "Nuestra Canción", which soared on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart, and the raw "Problemas", exemplify her vast range. GALE's candidness shines in her work, unafraid to address bold subjects, like in the audacious "D-Pic", a song channeling the spirit of women's empowerment marches.

Industry giants have sung her praises:

  • "GALE is already a force of nature." – Rolling Stone
  • "From the start, GALE has crafted her distinct path with an edgy flair." – Alt Press
  • "Singer-songwriter GALE channels her unique 'superpower' into a thriving career." – Billboard
  • "The secret weapon of Latin Pop." – Latina
  • "For pop aficionados, GALE is the name to note." – Hypebae

As she transitions from a sought-after songwriter to center-stage, GALE is proving she's here to stay. Stay tuned for her performance at the Latin GRAMMYs on November 16th in Seville, Spain!