Alexis y Fido Announce Grand Concert at Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Experience the Progressive Perreo of Alexis y Fido’s New Track
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Alexis y Fido Announce Grand Concert at Coliseo de Puerto Rico

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La A y la F, globally recognized in the music industry for their catchy rhythms and hits like "Bartender," "Super Héroe," "5 Letras," and "Una en un Millón," continue to solidify their status as one of the favorite and most enduring duos in the urban genre. Currently, they are preparing for their highly anticipated and grand concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico "José Miguel Agrelot," popularly known as the "Choli," on October 5, 2024. This event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for their fans, featuring special guests and a musical journey from their beginnings to the present.

Alexis y Fido's Big Concert Prep

Preparing for an Unforgettable Concert

Alexis y Fido are gearing up for their big concert at the Choli, where they will perform all their hits. This event is expected to be a memorable experience for fans, with special guests and a musical tour that spans their entire career.

Introducing "Aquella Noche": A Progressive Perreo

The duo has named their latest track "Aquella Noche" a "Progressive Perreo," featuring a faster tempo and electronic sounds while retaining the essence of reggaeton. This single aims to blend contemporary rhythms with a danceable concept suitable for beach parties or club nights.

Renewed and Independent

The kings of perreo are now represented by their own label, Wild Dogz Inc., with musical distribution handled by Empire. This move marks their evolution and independence in the music industry.

Lasting Impact on Urban Music

Alexis y Fido remain an indelible mark in urban music, not only through their hits that have made generations dance but also through their ability to evolve and adapt over time. Their musical classics will continue to be a reference and a dominant force in the reggaeton industry for many years to come.

Early Beginnings and First Steps

Known as "Los Reyes del Perreo," Alexis y Fido hail from Puerto Rico, formed by Raúl Alexis Ortiz (Alexis) and Joel Martínez (Fido). Both grew up in the vibrant musical environment of Cayey, Puerto Rico, where they developed a relentless passion for urban music from an early age. Alexis was a close friend of Wisin, collaborating on music together, while Fido shared a friendship and musical projects with Yandel. This shared musical scene eventually led them to fame.

Formation and Initial Success

Alexis y Fido's musical career officially began in 2002, and since then, they have been a powerful presence in the urban music scene.