Boza x Alejandra Medina on FAME Magazine Interview

Boza to Take His Vibrant Sounds on U.S. and European Tours in 2024
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Boza x Alejandra Medina on FAME Magazine Interview

In a recent interview with Alejandra Medina for FAME Magazine, Boza, a prominent figure in his music genre, shared insights into his upcoming projects, tours, and music videos. He discussed his latest EP, which has been well-received for its strong Panamanian essence, highlighting his excitement for its success and his nominations for "Premio Lo Nuestro" with a pop urban song, which marks a departure from his traditional musical style. Boza expressed his gratitude for the support and shared his anticipation for the promotional activities in Miami.

Furthermore, he touched upon the importance of stepping out of his comfort zone and the positive outcomes it brought, including his nominations.Boza also delved into his tribute to the carnivals of Panama through his EP, a project that was much requested by his fans and aimed at showcasing the rich musical heritage of his country. He explained the challenge of selecting songs for the EP from a larger pool of tracks that represent the diverse sounds of carnival. Looking ahead, Boza revealed plans for releasing an album and embarking on tours in the U.S. and Europe in 2024, indicating a busy year ahead. He emphasized his commitment to his career and his desire to achieve new milestones, while also reflecting on the essence of his music and the importance of authenticity in connecting with his fanbase.