Carin León Debuts New Amazon Music Original: “Ron con Coca” featuring Omar Montes

Carin León explores new sounds, drawing in Omar Montes's distinctive flair for an original hit.
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Carin León Debuts New Amazon Music Original: “Ron con Coca” featuring Omar Montes

The musical landscape is witnessing an exhilarating cross-cultural collaboration as Amazon Music unveils “Ron con Coca feat Omar Montes,” the latest Amazon Music Original single. This track is a compelling fusion brought to life by the innovative Mexican singer Carin León and the dynamic Spanish artist Omar Montes, now streaming globally on Amazon Music.

Carin León, known for breaking genre barriers, alongside Omar Montes, who brings his distinctive flair, co-wrote the song exclusively for Amazon Music, symbolizing a creative partnership that spans across continents from Mexico to Spain.

The release of "Ron con Coca feat Omar Montes" signifies Carin León's continued partnership with Amazon Music, following the success of a bilingual rendition of “Fancy Like” with Walker Hayes. Carin León is no stranger to accolades and will add another notable performance to his roster with a live debut of the single at a private Amazon Music event in Seville, Spain, on the eve of the Latin GRAMMYs on November 14th.

Carin León expressed his excitement about the project, saying, “I'm thrilled to share my new Amazon Music Original ‘Ron con Coca feat Omar Montes.’ Working with Omar has been an incredible journey, full of creativity, passion, and infectious energy that will resonate with listeners.”

Amazon Music listeners can immerse themselves in Carin León's latest contributions through curated playlists such as Gen Mex, Hits Regional Mexicano, Whiskey & Tequila, and Hecho en Mexico. “Ron con Coca feat Omar Montes” is available for streaming, alongside a vast library of over 100 million songs on Amazon Music.

Fans of both artists can now indulge in this vibrant musical offering that not only showcases their individual artistry but also reflects the power of collaboration in the global music scene. Join the celebration of this cultural bridge on Amazon Music and stay tuned to FAME Magazine for the latest in music news and trends.