Celebrating 15 Years of Chosen Few: Remix Classicos

For the first time, experience the album that shaped an era on all digital platforms.
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Celebrating 15 Years of Chosen Few: Remix Classicos

In a groundbreaking move during the early days of Latin urban music, Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment released Chosen Few: Remix Classicos. This compilation featured remixed tracks that played a crucial role in catapulting the careers of several artists who are superstars today, including Don Omar, Pitbull, Plan B, Maffio, Omega, Tito El Bambino, and Alejandro Sanz. Commemorating its 15th anniversary, the album is now accessible globally on all digital platforms for the first time, allowing a new generation of listeners to experience its groundbreaking sounds.

Chosen Few Remix Ignites Iconic Careers

A Catalyst for Iconic Careers

When Chosen Few: Remix Classico was first released, it included tracks that were on their way to becoming legendary. Songs like “Reggaeton Latino,” “Siente El Boom,” and “Mi Alma Se Muere” dominated the charts, turning them into anthems that are still played frequently at concerts, sporting events, and in DJ sets. Even 15 years later, these tracks continue to energize audiences worldwide.

Chosen Few Remix Unites Cultures

Bridging Cultural Divides

A notable aspect of Chosen Few: Remix Classicos is its blend of Latino and mainstream American talent. The album features American artists like Fat Joe, N.O.R.E, Twista, Trick Daddy, and Trina, showcasing Boy Wonder’s knack for merging diverse musical cultures. This not only enhanced the appeal of the album but also cemented Boy Wonder’s reputation as a creative force capable of bridging cultural divides.

Pioneering New Sounds

The album also includes pioneering tracks such as the urban version of Alejandro Sanz’s “A La Primera Persona.” This was the first time the pop icon ventured outside his usual genre, experimenting with urban sounds, and contributing to the album's innovative spirit.

Reflecting on the Album’s Legacy

Reflecting on the enduring impact of Chosen Few: Remix Classicos, Boy Wonder shared his gratitude for the trust and opportunities he has received from artists and the industry. "I feel grateful for the trust that artists and the industry at large have given me throughout the years, as well as the opportunity to contribute to Latin urban music history," he said. The ongoing popularity of the album’s tracks at various entertainment venues speaks volumes about its lasting influence.

Join the Celebration

We invite you to join us in celebrating 15 years of an album that not only defined a genre but also created countless cherished memories. Here’s to Chosen Few: Remix Classicos, a true cornerstone of Latin urban music history. Cheers to the music that continues to inspire and energize millions around the globe!