Clarissa Molina Celebrates a Grand Homecoming in the Dominican Republic

Art Meets Achievement: Santiago Unveils Mural for Clarissa Molina
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Clarissa Molina Celebrates a Grand Homecoming in the Dominican Republic

This week, Clarissa Molina visits her homeland, the Dominican Republic, marking a significant moment in her career. Last night, she attended the country's most prestigious award show, the Premios Soberano in Santo Domingo, as a nominee in the "Outstanding Communicator Abroad" category.

Honoring Heritage with Art

Today, Wednesday, March 13, Molina returned to her birthplace, Santiago de los Caballeros, where a mural in her honor was unveiled, commemorating her diligent work since her early days. It's worth noting that Molina represented her vibrant and colorful country at the Miss Universe pageant in 2015. The mural, a project led by the cultural initiative Murales de Ciudad Santiago under the direction of Santiago de los Caballeros Mayor Abel Martínez, was crafted by artists Katherine Santana, Manaury Calasam, Feliberto Pichardo, and Smery Pichardo. Located on Calle de Arte in the Reparto Tavárez Oeste, the mural captures Molina's victory in the VIP season of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

A Message of Hope and Ambition

"July 2, 2007, was the day I left my land, my Santiago, my roots, and customs. I dreamed big, but at that moment, I couldn't imagine the blessings that would come my way as a professional, much less the genuine love and affection from my Dominican people, for which I am eternally grateful. On every stage I step onto, I make sure to represent my Dominican Republic. I hope that whenever young people or anyone sees this mural, they understand that they can achieve anything they set their minds to by doing things right," shares Clarissa Molina.

A Symbol of Cultural Pride

During the unveiling ceremony, Yanilsa Cruz, the director of Culture for the municipality of Santiago, highlighted Molina's qualities and the importance of figures who have helped project Dominicans onto the world stage. In this event, Clarissa also received an acknowledgment from the city, accompanied by her father, siblings, and other family members.

"I feel super happy and honored to receive such a beautiful tribute in my city, where I was born, where I dreamed of doing things that would uplift my country. Being surrounded by my father, siblings, and relatives makes it even more special," Molina added.

Without a doubt, Clarissa Molina continues to astonish and serve as an excellent example of personal achievement and representation for all women striving to fulfill their dreams, regardless of the challenges they may face.