Clarissa Molina: From the Screen to the Business World

Joining forces with Galilea Montijo and Angelica Vale for a memorable night.
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Clarissa Molina: From the Screen to the Business World

Clarissa Molina, a name synonymous with success in modeling, acting, beauty pageantry, and television hosting, not to mention her EMMY award-winning talent, embarks on a thrilling new venture. This week, she steps into the entrepreneurial arena, marking a significant milestone in both her professional and personal life.

A Landmark Week for Molina

This week is pivotal for Molina, as she gears up for a major role at the upcoming Premio Lo Nuestro, where she will co-host the main show alongside Galilea Montijo and Angelica Vale. Amidst rigorous rehearsals for this high-profile event, Molina is also set to launch a redesigned version of her website, introducing a line of personalized products. Fans can look forward to an array of items, including t-shirts, hats, lip balms, and sweatshirts adorned with unique phrases crafted by Molina herself.

Embracing Digital Innovation

Molina expresses her enthusiasm for the revamped website, highlighting the effort and passion that went into its creation. "I'm very excited to unveil the new look and feel of my website," she states. The relaunch aims to provide an immersive and interactive platform for fans to connect with Molina's multifaceted career and personal brand.

A Personal Touch in Every Product

The essence of Molina's personal style and ethos is evident in her product line. She emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, positivity, and self-expression, values that have guided her selection of products. "I wanted to create products that not only embodied my personal style but would also resonate with my audience," Molina shares. This thoughtful approach ensures that her collection has something special for every fan.

 Shop Molina Style: Exclusive Merch Live
Shop Molina Style: Exclusive Merch Live

Shop Clarissa Molina's Signature Style

Starting today, fans have the opportunity to infuse their daily lives with a touch of Molina's signature flair. Her redesigned website ( not only offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience but also direct access to her exclusive merchandise.