Daniel Lewis Donates $10 Million to Arts Access Miami

Arts Access Miami to Benefit 50,000 Students by 2028
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Daniel Lewis Donates $10 Million to Arts Access Miami

Young Musicians Unite has announced a significant donation from philanthropist Daniel Lewis, who has pledged $10 million to Arts Access Miami over the next five years. This generous contribution aims to ensure continued access to music and arts education for all children in Miami-Dade County.

Arts Access Miami Enhances Local Education

About Arts Access Miami

Arts Access Miami is an initiative designed to build a comprehensive music and arts education ecosystem throughout Miami-Dade County. Powered by Daniel R. Lewis and spearheaded by Young Musicians Unite and The Miami Foundation, the project collaborates with the Miami-Dade County Public School System and local music education nonprofits. The goal is to create a thriving arts education network accessible to every child in the region.

Building Alliances

“At the center of Arts Access Miami is the idea of creating alliances; alliances of organizations, schools, and city officials, all of which come together for the sole purpose of creating a better future for every child in Miami-Dade,” says Lewis. Since 2018, the initiative has worked closely with nonprofit leaders, school principals, the Superintendent, and senior staff to share resources like space, instruments, staff development, and crucial data. The project seeks to bring together organizations and philanthropists with aligned interests to collaborate and enable more youth to achieve their potential through collective efforts.

Commitment to Youth Development

Lewis emphasizes the importance of accessible and affordable arts education for all youth in Miami-Dade County. His commitment to Arts Access Miami, Interlochen/Miami, and the Lewis Prize for Music highlights his dedication to effective creative youth development on both a local and national scale.

Impact on the Community

“Dan Lewis’ investment is a game changer for arts and music education organizations across Miami,” said Sammy Gonzalez Zeira, CEO of Young Musicians Unite. “His generosity guarantees that every child in Miami Gardens, South Dade, and Homestead will now gain access to free arts and music education, impacting over 50,000 students by 2028.”

Inspiring Future Philanthropy

Gonzalez Zeira anticipates that Lewis’ vision and commitment will inspire other philanthropic leaders to make similar investments in Arts Access. This collaborative approach aims to transform how communities address challenges through unified efforts and shared goals.