Dennis Speaks: A Journey from Rio to the World

In an exclusive sit-down with FAME Magazine, the electric Brazilian artist, Dennis, details his thrilling ascent in the music world, opening up about his experiences, aspirations, and the beats that move nations.
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Dennis Speaks: A Journey from Rio to the World

The Joy of Global Exposure

Dennis beams with immense joy and pride as he shares his experience of showcasing his music and culture worldwide. His journey, spanning two decades, embodies a persistent endeavor to elevate Brazilian music to unparalleled heights.

From Rio de Janeiro to the World

Hailing from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, the international acclamation for his work brings Dennis profound satisfaction. His recent sensation, “Tá OK Remix,” epitomizes his worldwide appeal, striking a chord with audiences across Europe, the USA, and Latin America, further solidifying his place on the global music stage.

Dream Collaborations Come True

For Dennis, the opportunity to collaborate with Colombian sensations, Maluma and Karol G, is a dream realized. These partnerships accentuate his adaptable musical style, garnering further global appreciation for his unique blend of rhythms and sounds.

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite the challenges in building a dedicated fanbase and asserting his distinctive presence as both an artist and DJ, Dennis's unyielding passion and commitment transcend these barriers. The joy of filming across various cities and experimenting with diverse rhythms reflects his perpetual drive to innovate.

Inspirations and Aspirations

Influenced by the funk legends of the 70s and 90s, Dennis envisions performing at illustrious festivals such as Ultra and Tomorrowland. A prospective collaboration with icons J Balvin and Rihanna, united by a sensual beat, remains a dream he eagerly hopes to bring to fruition.

The Expansive Future of Funk

Enthusiastic about the boundless future of funk music, Dennis observes the burgeoning market and the global appeal of diverse rhythms like samba and funk, breaking through language barriers and uniting fans across continents.

A Legacy of Opening Doors

Dennis's impactful legacy resonates in his dedication to fostering opportunities for emerging funk artists. His joy in representing Brazil and introducing Brazilian rhythms to the world is palpable and inspiring.

Upcoming Endeavors

Amid the whirl of success, Dennis eagerly anticipates the release of a new music video with Anitta, accompanied by four exciting new tracks. This year, he celebrates the expanding global footprint of his music, a testament to his relentless creativity and innovation.

Balancing Music and Lifestyle

Amid the growing demand and success, Dennis maintains a harmonious balance, ensuring time for physical activity, a source of rejuvenation and vitality for the artist.

Chart-Topping Success

His hit, “Tá OK” (Remix) with DENNIS, Maluma, and Karol G feat. Kevin o Chris, debuting at #4 in Spotify Top Songs Debut Global, echoes the burgeoning success and worldwide affection for Dennis’s musical mastery.

As the tide of Brazilian music continues to surge, propelled by its prominent showcase during the 2022 World Cup and its ranking as the world’s 10th largest recorded music market in 2021 by the IFPI, Dennis stands as a vanguard, leading the Brazilian funk revolution while continually embarking on new musical odysseys, shaping and enriching the global music panorama.

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