Discover the Power of Sound Healing at 33:3 Linda Liz Wellness Immersion

From beach yoga to sound healing, this event offered a complete holistic experience.
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Discover the Power of Sound Healing at 33:3 Linda Liz Wellness Immersion

The 33:3 Linda Liz Wellness Immersion event at the iconic Faena Miami Beach was an exceptional celebration of wellness and community, held during the vibrant Miami Swim Week. Hosted by Tierra Santa Healing House at Faena, this event provided a holistic wellness experience that left guests rejuvenated and inspired.

Begin with Revitalizing Beach Yoga

Revitalizing Start with Beach Yoga

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Miami Beach, guests began their experience with a revitalizing yoga class on the beach. This session was designed to harmonize body, mind, and soul, setting a tranquil tone for the day. The serene surroundings and expert instruction ensured a perfect start for all attendees.

Deep Healing with Sound Therapy

Deep Healing with Sound Therapy

Following the yoga session, participants were treated to a profound sound healing experience led by Agustina Caminos, Executive Director of Tierra Santa Healing House. Her expertise and calm guidance created an atmosphere of peace and introspection, resonating deeply with everyone present.

Generous Contributions from Notable Partners

The event was further enriched by generous contributions from notable partners. Pura Vida provided nourishing refreshments, while TopoChico and Smartwater ensured everyone stayed hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Elixr added an extra touch of wellness with their unique offerings, enhancing the overall experience and creating a perfect synergy among the brands.

Unity and Empowerment through Fashion

A highlight of the event was the unity and empowerment displayed by the sisterhood, all donning stylish 33:3 Linda Liz outfits. The attire highlighted the brand's dedication to wellness and fashion, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among the attendees.

A Testimonial to Holistic Wellness

"The 33:3 Linda Liz Wellness Immersion event was a beautiful testament to the power of holistic wellness practices and the strength of community," said Agustina Caminos. "We are delighted to have hosted such an inspiring and heartfelt experience during Miami Swim Week."

Commitment to Wellness and Self-Discovery

The event underscored the essence of 33:3 Linda Liz and Tierra Santa Healing House’s commitment to wellness and self-discovery. It was an unforgettable gathering that blended the energy of Miami Swim Week with the tranquility of holistic healing, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.