From Studio to Streetwear: DJ Khaled's SNIPES Collection is the Talk of Miami.

Beyond Fashion: Khaled's SNIPES Venture Highlights Community and Creativity.
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From Studio to Streetwear: DJ Khaled's SNIPES Collection is the Talk of Miami.

"Another one!" – This time, it's not just another chart-topping track from DJ Khaled, but a thrilling collaboration with SNIPES to redefine Miami's sneaker and streetwear scene. The renowned Grammy-award winning artist and the global retailer are set to inaugurate the We The Best x SNIPES store today, on the vibrant Collins Avenue.

Fusing Street Culture with Retail Excellence
The store, a massive 6,105 square-foot edifice right in Miami Beach, isn’t just a retail space. It's a manifestation of Miami’s vibrant sneaker and streetwear ethos, married with DJ Khaled's electric energy. Every corner of the establishment resonates with Khaled’s futuristic style intertwined with SNIPES’ raw and edgy format, effectively mirroring Miami's iconic street culture.

Beyond the Music: A Haven for Emerging Talent
Yet, the genius of the store isn’t merely its aesthetics or merchandise. Housed within is DJ Khaled's innovative office, replete with a state-of-the-art recording studio. More than a workspace, it stands as a testament to Khaled’s dedication to Miami's artistic heartbeat, welcoming budding artists to record and immediately access their tracks.

@fame.magazine Its official Miami! @djkhaled x @snipes #FAMEmagazine #FameMag #DJKhaled ♬ original sound - Bruh

“This store is more than just a retail space; it's a commitment to Miami's culture and community. From streetwear to a recording experience, we're changing the game,” exclaimed DJ Khaled.

A Commitment Beyond Commerce
Echoing Khaled's sentiment, Jim Bojko, SNIPES USA President, emphasized, “This venture is merely the prologue. While we celebrate streetwear and exclusives, our gaze is firmly set on engraving a lasting legacy in Miami, illustrated by outreach initiatives like the forthcoming basketball court remodel in Brownsville.”

Uniting the Community: Unity Court at Peacemaker Park
True to their commitment, the collaboration further cemented its community roots by hosting a spectacular basketball tournament, marking the unveiling of the Unity Court at Peacemaker Park. This initiative, a collective effort of DJ Khaled, We The Best Foundation, SNIPES, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and the esteemed Circle of Brotherhood, is set to redefine Liberty City’s landscape.

@fame.magazine We The Best Foundation, @djkhaled and @snipes come together to unveil “Unity Court” at Peacemaker Park in Miami #WeTheBest #DJKhaled #FAMEMag #FAMEMAGAZINE ♬ GOD DID - DJ Khaled

A beacon for community service, the Circle of Brotherhood, an assembly of Black men, remains unwavering in its quest to uplift Miami. Their relentless efforts span across various domains from crime prevention to youth mentorship, garnering them a notable spot on the Amazon Prime Video’s "Take a Ride Miami".

Inauguration Day: An Ode to Miami's Culture
This week We The Best x SNIPES store had cultural festivity from ribbon cuttings, community giveaways, to star-studded appearances.

Stepping into Miami’s Streetwear Haven
Positioned at 673 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, the store is poised to etch itself as Miami’s ultimate sneaker and streetwear destination. Stay abreast of the latest updates by visiting For the city, by the city - Miami's new cultural chapter begins today.