Emerging Talent Pink Pablo Drops Debut EP, “Road 2 Neverland”

“Road 2 Neverland” Marks a Captivating Entry into the Music Scene for the Prodigious Pink Pablo.
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Emerging Talent Pink Pablo Drops Debut EP, “Road 2 Neverland”


FAME Magazine is excited to bring to its diverse audience the latest scoop on one of the most captivating artists in the music scene today. Puerto Rican songwriting prodigy and emerging artist Pink Pablo has taken a bold leap in his career, releasing his highly awaited debut EP, “road 2 neverland”. This collection of six self-produced songs isn't just a display of musical prowess, but it also narrates Pink Pablo's transformative journey after he made the daring decision to leave his PhD studies to pursue his passion for music.

The EP, “road 2 neverland”, is available now on all digital platforms and is the first of two EPs that delve into Pink Pablo’s artistic evolution. Each track offers a glimpse into his exceptional ability to merge diverse musical styles, all the while maintaining his signature lyrical finesse.

Opening the EP is the track “neverland”, where Pink Pablo combines unique electronic elements with provocative lyrics, a hallmark of his artistry. He follows this up with “no es culpa mía”, a track that experiments with a blend of classic rock and DnB (drum and bass). In “falco”, the third song, listeners are invited into a trance-like state, navigating themes beyond love towards existential and euphoric realms.

The EP continues to showcase Pink Pablo’s versatility with “veo luces”, where melodic synthesizers meet lyrics that straddle the line between romance and immorality. In “perdimos el control”, his spontaneous and alternative vibe comes to the forefront, painting narratives of love failures in a humor-laced style. Finally, “no me haces bien” is described by Pink Pablo as a cathartic track, confronting the darker aspects of relationships.

(Photo Credit: Pigmento/ Seth Rivera)
(Photo Credit: Pigmento/ Seth Rivera)

Pink Pablo’s journey to this point has been nothing short of remarkable. “Two years ago, I dropped out of a PhD program at the University of Puerto Rico to write and produce songs in Los Angeles,” he shares. This move signified a break from expectations and a dive into a rebellious freedom. His time in Los Angeles was transformative, helping him to discover his true self and the essence of Pink Pablo. Returning to Puerto Rico with a collection of songs, he realized that his initial euphoric and rebellious phase had evolved, leading to the creation of music with a deeper purpose.

“road 2 neverland” is not just an EP; it’s a journey through Pink Pablo's personal and artistic growth, guided by the direction of Marcos Mazo. It's an invitation to his audience to embark on an intimate voyage through his life and music. Pink Pablo continues to break new ground with his original sound, proving that his decision to follow his heart has not only shaped his career but has also given the world a fresh, eclectic musical experience.