Experience the Riviera in Miami: La Màrtola Opens Its Doors

Steps from the Miami Design District, a Unique Dining Experience Awaits
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Experience the Riviera in Miami: La Màrtola Opens Its Doors

A Vibrant Addition to Miami's Dining Scene

Debuting on February 19th, nestled just a stone's throw from the Miami Design District in the charming Buena Vista Neighborhood, La Màrtola introduces a unique and vibrant dining experience, quickly becoming a must-visit for food and wine aficionados. Positioned at 4702 NE 2nd Ave, this culinary gem draws its inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of the Italian, French, and Spanish Rivieras. It is a celebration of the simple yet profound joy of ingredients and the distinguished quality of coastal cuisine, reimagined through a contemporary lens that breathes new life into timeless flavors.

The Visionaries Behind the Scene

The brainchild of food and beverage impresario Paolo Domeneghetti and the internationally acclaimed La Filiale owner, Martino de Rosa, La Màrtola is the fruit of a shared passion for extraordinary culinary experiences. Domeneghetti and de Rosa, hailing from New York City and Italy respectively, unite their visions to infuse the Buena Vista area with the European ethos of generous and warm hospitality. This approach not only delights the palate but also touches the heart and soul, inviting guests to cherish life's moments over exceptional meals with loved ones.

A Culinary Oasis

La Màrtola reimagines the essence of the dining landscape as a sanctuary for celebration and indulgence. The ambiance is filled with the enticing aromas emanating from a Stefano Ferrara wood-fired pizza oven and a custom-made wood grill by Grillworks. This open-air haven, softly lit to evoke the allure of Saint Tropez, Marbella, or Portofino, complements an elegantly welcoming interior that perfectly aligns with the essence of European charm and the purity of classic, fresh flavors highlighted by the use of impeccable, fresh organic ingredients.

An Exquisite Menu

The menu at La Màrtola stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity, where the finest local ingredients meet select imports to celebrate a harmonious blend of classic favorites and inventive new creations. From the artistry of La Filiale’s pizzas to the delight of wood-fired and grilled meats, fresh local seafood, and vibrant vegetables, every dish promises an authentic and innovative dining experience. Not to forget, the dessert menu boasts a world-class gelato program led by Italian gelato maestro, Simone Bonini, ensuring a perfect end to any meal.

Design and Ambiance

La Màrtola's design draws inspiration from the enchanting coastal towns of Europe, offering al fresco seating that allows guests to dine amidst a garden of fragrant botanicals, olive trees, and aromatic herbs. The integration of this lush garden with the interior’s unique ceramic artworks by Daphne Leon, combined with a warm and inviting palette, sets the stage for an unparalleled dining experience. Mise en place stations further enhance the visual appeal, showcasing culinary artistry amid fresh florals and ingredients.

Plan Your Visit

Open daily from 12 PM to 10:30 PM, La Màrtola welcomes guests to explore its seasonal menu along with fresh, daily specials that promise an ever-evolving culinary adventure. For those eager to immerse themselves in this unique dining experience, visit for more information.

La Màrtola is not just a restaurant; it is a destination where every visit promises new delights and where the art of savoring life is celebrated at every table.