Exploring New Horizons: Thalia Debuts "Choro"

The Single Merges Contemporary Sounds with Thalia's Signature Style
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Exploring New Horizons: Thalia Debuts "Choro"

Internationally acclaimed artist Thalia, known for her music that breaks stereotypes and conveys empowering messages, has just released her new single "CHORO" in collaboration with Estilo Sin Límite. The song, now available on all digital platforms, is aimed at instilling strength and independence in her listeners.

The Creative Force Behind "CHORO"

"CHORO" was produced by Edgar Rodriguez from Yellow Room, with Jimmy Humilde as the executive producer. Thalia co-wrote the song with Dania from Estilo Sin Límite. The track explores themes of freedom and self-belief, rejecting the arrogance of overconfident men. The lyrics draw inspiration from Mexican slang, with "choro" referring to someone who is excessively flamboyant in their speech.

A Music Video Celebrating Sisterhood and Culture

The music video for "CHORO," directed and produced by Eduardo Gonzalez, narrates the parallel stories of its protagonists. Despite their differences, they come together in solidarity, rejecting any false "choro" and finding strength in their friendships. The video is a vivid portrayal of Mexican culture and the Chicano subculture, rich in color and set in a thematic environment.

Upcoming Musical Project and Achievements

"CHORO" is a precursor to Thalia's upcoming musical project, set to release early next year, celebrating Mexico's culture and sound. Fans got an exclusive preview of this project at Billboard’s Latin Music Week in Miami last October. Following the success of her first promotional track "Bebé, Perdón," which topped iTunes charts in Mexico, Chile, and the Dominican Republic, Thalia continues to connect with her global fanbase. Earlier in 2023, she was honored as "Poderosa Global" by Billboard at the inaugural "Latin Women in Music" gala.

With "CHORO," Thalia reaffirms her status as a global music icon, continuing to inspire and connect with her audience through her unique sound and empowering messages.