FAME Magazine hosts Greyvi's "Descarada" Release Party Packed with Entertainment Industry Execs

Saga Whiteblack teams up with Greyvi for "Descarada"
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FAME Magazine hosts Greyvi's "Descarada" Release Party Packed with Entertainment Industry Execs

The talented artist Greyvi has just released her latest single, "Descarada," in collaboration with the renowned producer Saga WhiteBlack. Known for his work with top artists like Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias, Saga has brought his exceptional production skills to this track, set to captivate reggaeton enthusiasts with its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics.

A year of achievements

2023 was a remarkable year for Greyvi, marked by numerous accolades. She was recognized as the "Best International New Artist," and her music video won the "Best Music Video of the Year" award at the Monitor Latino Music Awards. The momentum continues in 2024, with her participation in the famous Latin festival "Calle 8" Miami, invited by the Univisión network, along with her outstanding performance at the Uforia Music Showcase. Additionally, Greyvi has recently been included as a member of the Latin Grammys, further cementing her place in the music industry.

The message of "Descarada"

"Descarada" tells the story of women who embody freedom, living their lives without worrying about others' opinions. The song celebrates those who enjoy life discreetly while embracing their most sensual essence. It's a tribute to women who challenge social standards and dare to enjoy every moment without restrictions.

Mauricio Ginestra Rassi, Laura Paez, Alex Quin, Ana Rodta

Celebrating female empowerment

The track "Descarada" highlights the bravery of women who savor every moment of life, even if their presence seems serene. With a mix of rhythms that evoke classic reggaeton and merengue, the song invites the audience to let loose and enjoy the "sandugueo" to the fullest. Saga WhiteBlack, known for his work with top artists like Nicky Jam, Shakira, Bad Bunny, and Daddy Yankee, has brought this exciting song to life with his exceptional production skills.

Greyvi & Carlos Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez

Greyvi's unique style

Greyvi is a prominent artist in the urban genre, known for her unique and fresh style. Her innovative sound and catchy lyrics have managed to captivate a wide audience on the international music scene. With hits like "El Luto" and "El Bar," Greyvi continues to make her mark in the industry with her authentic and vibrant music.

Looking ahead

With her unique talent and charisma, Greyvi continues to establish herself as one of the most promising figures in today's music scene. "Descarada" is another step in her successful career, once again demonstrating her ability to captivate audiences worldwide with her authentic and vibrant music. Greyvi announced she will be at Premios Juventud in the next few weeks.

Greyvi & Jessicas Roiz

The release party

The release party took place at Martini Bar Doral with DJ Kaos spinning. It was an industry event with executives from major labels, TV network execs like Telemundo and Univisión, as well as attendance from Billboard staff. Greyvi interacted with industry professionals, showcased her new music, and created content with everyone at the FAME booth. The event featured an open bar experience that everyone enjoyed.