Fátima Pinto Releases Transformative EP "Amor Fati"

A Six-Track Exploration of Deep Emotions and Growth
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Fátima Pinto Releases Transformative EP "Amor Fati"


Costa Rican singer-songwriter Fátima Pinto has released her eagerly awaited EP, “Amor Fati.” Available on all streaming platforms, this EP presents a profound exploration of her emotions and personal evolution. “Amor Fati” is not just a collection of songs; it's a revealing of Fátima’s deepest feelings, akin to reading pages from her personal diary.

Fátima Pinto: Rising Star
Fátima Pinto: Rising Star

"Amor Fati": A Blend of Passion and Storytelling

In “Amor Fati,” Fátima Pinto showcases her exceptional musical talent and storytelling skill. This six-track EP guides listeners through various phases of her personal change, with each song representing a distinct stage of her emotional journey. The EP’s focus track, “Eyes Closed,” delves into themes of trust, love, and vulnerability, highlighting the role of love in healing and commitment.

The Philosophy Behind the EP

The phrase “amor fati” represents an attitude of embracing everything in life, including suffering and loss, as positive or essential experiences. This philosophy is the backbone of the EP, reflecting Fátima’s life and emotions through music. “Amor Fati” is a heartfelt expression of her experiences, transforming personal narratives into relatable melodies and lyrics.

A Diverse Musical Offering

Fátima penned the first three tracks of the EP in English: “Am I Not Enough?,” “Learning to Love Myself,” and “Eyes Closed.” She also collaborated with Juan Vegas and Lauren Hernández on the Spanish tracks “Fui Yo Quien Falló?,” “Aprendiendo a Quererme Más,” and “Ojos Cerrados.” Produced by the multi-Grammy winner Andrés Saavedra, each composition in the EP is a reflection of Fátima’s transformative experiences, crafted to resonate with her audience.

Fátima Pinto: A Rising Star in the Music Industry

Fátima Pinto is not just known for her introspective music but also for her dynamic stage presence. She has opened for global stars such as Ariana Grande, Maluma, CNCO, and Manuel Turizo. Her music has gained substantial recognition, featuring on Spotify’s Top Viral 50 charts in multiple countries including Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay, and Guatemala.

"AMOR FATI" Tracklist: A Journey in Six Songs

The tracklist of “Amor Fati” is a musical voyage in itself, with each song offering a unique glimpse into Fátima’s heart and mind. The tracks range from the questioning tones of “Am I Not Enough?” to the self-reflective “Learning to Love Myself,” culminating in the emotive “Ojos Cerrados.” This EP promises to be a journey of musical and emotional discovery for listeners worldwide.