"Find Your Voice Miami Beach": A Digital Campaign by GMCVB and Sony Music Latin

Elevating Miami's Cultural Experience Through Digital Innovation
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"Find Your Voice Miami Beach": A Digital Campaign by GMCVB and Sony Music Latin

The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB), in collaboration with Sony Music Latin and the City of Miami Beach, has recently launched the “Find Your Voice Miami Beach” digital campaign. This initiative is set to captivate music lovers and travel enthusiasts, combining the unique rhythms of Sony Music Latin's artists with the enchanting ambiance of Miami Beach.

A Musical and Visual Feast

“Find Your Voice Miami Beach” is inspired by Sony Music Latin’s acclaimed “En Letra de Otro” series. It features performances and interviews with globally recognized artists like Fonseca, Kany García, GALE, Boza, and Bomba Estéreo. These artists, influenced by Miami Beach’s vibrant culture, share personal stories and songs that have shaped their careers. The series provides an intimate look at their creative process and connection with Miami Beach through in-depth interviews, exclusive footage, and stunning visuals.

Miami Beach: A Fusion of Music and Culture

The series is part of the larger "Find Your Wave Miami Beach" program by the GMCVB, aiming to position Miami Beach as a top destination for both leisure and business travel. This initiative merges the magic of music with the charm of Miami Beach, offering a fresh perspective on the city's rich cultural scene.

Immersive Digital Experience

Set to run through early 2024, the campaign includes immersive videos, live performances, and interactive features. It promises a unique digital experience for both residents and visitors of Miami Beach.

Industry Leaders Excited About the Collaboration

David Whitaker, President and CEO of the GMCVB, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Sony Music Latin. He highlighted Miami Beach's role in fostering creativity and cultural connections. Ruben Leyva, SVP of Artist Services and Premium Content at Sony Music Latin, also shared his excitement, emphasizing Miami Beach's inspirational role in the Latin music industry.

Premiere and Invitation

“Find Your Voice Miami Beach" is set to premiere this fall, inviting audiences to explore the harmony of Miami Beach's beauty and the legacy of Latin music. For more details, visit

Local Support and Anticipation

Commissioner Alex Fernandez of the City of Miami Beach shared his excitement about the partnership, reflecting on Miami Beach's creative and cultural dynamism. He anticipates that the initiative will showcase the city's artistic energy and beauty.

Stay Updated

For the latest updates and announcements, follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #FindYourVoiceMiamiBeach. Join us in witnessing this exciting blend of music, culture, and the captivating charm of Miami Beach!