FRANK RAY: Blending Country with Latin Rhythms in His New Spanish EP

A Tribute to His Mexican Roots to Kick Off Hispanic Heritage Month
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FRANK RAY: Blending Country with Latin Rhythms in His New Spanish EP

Frank Ray, an emerging sensation in the world of country music, is celebrating his Mexican heritage with the release of his latest EP titled "Raíces (Así Se Hace)". Available across all digital platforms, this EP is not just a collection of songs; it's a homage to Ray's deep-rooted connection with his Hispanic lineage.

Born Francisco Gómez in Deming, New Mexico, located between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, Frank was cradled by Mexican culture merely three miles away from the New Mexican border. Simultaneously, he was surrounded by the heart-thumping rhythms of Texan country music. This dual influence led him to merge the two styles seamlessly. Ray's music is a vivid cocktail of 90s Texan country, Latin vibes, R&B, and pop. His live performances are known for their electric energy and broad appeal. However, before diving full-time into the music scene, Ray served as a police officer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, for a decade. After hanging up his uniform, he and his manager, Oscar Chavira, founded FRAY (First Responders Mental Clarity) aiming to provide the nation's first responders with tools, resources, and training to ensure their mental well-being, as well as that of their families and communities.

"Music is the truest representation of who I am. The arrangements reflect the essence of Latin music – vibrant instruments, rhythmic percussion changes, and more. Yet, they also encompass all that defines me - be it traditional country, familial themes, party anthems, R&B rhythms, pop, soul, or Latin flavor. There's something in it for everyone," says Frank Ray.

Today, the Mexican-American artist's latest musical venture, "Raíces (Así Se Hace)", comes to light. Perfectly timed with the commencement of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in the United States, the EP showcases five tracks entirely in Spanish, like "Luces de la Calle" and "Country Te Va Muy Bien", re-recorded and adapted for the Latin market. The album embodies Ray's signature fusion of genres, especially evident in the romantic and seductive rhythms of "Quiébrame el Corazón", the single accompanying the EP's release.

"Releasing a Spanish country music EP is monumental. It presents the Latin culture in a light that hasn't shone in the mainstream genre for decades. I see this as a golden opportunity to introduce Latin flavor to country music aficionados and, in parallel, bring country to an entirely new audience," expresses Ray about the significance of this EP.

Alongside the EP, fans can feast their eyes on the official music video for "Quiébrame El Corazón", where Frank can be seen reminiscing the cherished moments with a woman who's left an indelible mark on him. As the video draws to a close, her image fades away, leaving Frank alone, clutching a drink, still holding onto the hope that she might return and "break his heart" once more.

Upcoming performances include a live set in Miami at the Vivo Dolphin Mall stage on October 6th at 7:00 PM EST, in preparation for the Country Bay Music Festival. Also, catch him live on September 29th at the iconic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Currently, Ray is brewing some fresh tracks in both English and Spanish, expected to hit the shelves soon.