Indy Fontaine Releases Emotional Single 'Odiar y Querer'

The Dualities of Love Explored in 'Odiar y Querer
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Indy Fontaine Releases Emotional Single 'Odiar y Querer'

Indy Fontaine, a Cuban-American singer-songwriter, continues to captivate audiences with her heartfelt music. Her latest single, "Odiar y Querer," from her debut album "Moments Of My Life," delves into the complexities of love and hate. Available on all digital platforms, the song is a poignant exploration of emotional boundaries.

Indy Fontaine's New Ballad

The Story Behind "Odiar y Querer"

Indy wrote and composed "Odiar y Querer," a piano and vocal ballad that highlights her interpretive talent. The song reflects on the thin line between love and hate and how easily one can cross it. Indy shares a personal story from her youth about falling in love with a much older man. She recalls the infatuation and eventual realization that it was more illusion than reality. The experience inspired her journey from infatuation to empowerment, now looking back with clarity and pride in her growth.

'Odiar y Querer' Music Video

A Visual Experience

The music video for "Odiar y Querer," directed by Michelle Hernandez, was filmed at El Castillo de la Tropical. This architectural gem in Cuba, inspired by the Alhambra in Granada, provided a unique backdrop for the video. The production features two locations and a forest, with Indy and her piano as the main focus. The inclusion of fire in the video symbolizes the dual nature of love—both beautiful and dangerous.

Indy's Album "Moments Of My Life"

"Moments Of My Life" Album Highlights

"Moments Of My Life" marks a significant milestone in Indy's career. It is her first album featuring songs she wrote herself, and she also served as the executive producer. Collaborating with Mike Fahey on production and engineering, Beth Cohen on vocal performance, and Pete Lyman on mastering, the album showcases a range of musical talents.

The album includes previously released singles like "Eres Luz," which recently surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, "Devil in Angel Skin," "El Amor No Alcanza," "Capricho de Dos," and "Is This Love," which have received airplay in various countries. Another notable track is "Paula de Abril," a personal song dedicated to her daughter.

Indy Fontaine's Global Success

Indy Fontaine's Continued Success

Earlier this year, Indy released her debut album in physical format in Cuba and held a sold-out performance at Havana’s Teatro Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Her music continues to resonate with fans worldwide, blending personal experiences with universal themes.