International Spotlight: Ozuna's 'Cosmo' Album Makes Waves

How 'Cosmo' Propels Ozuna to the Forefront of International Music
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International Spotlight: Ozuna's 'Cosmo' Album Makes Waves

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Ozuna continues to captivate audiences with his latest release, "Cosmo." As part of his new album, the global reggaetón icon has unveiled the third music video from this project for the single "Made in Qatar." This new video includes scenes shot in Qatar during Ozuna's visit in November 2022 for the FIFA World Cup, along with several scenes filmed in Miami.

Ozuna's 'Cosmo': Global Reggaetón Evolution Unfolds.
Ozuna's 'Cosmo': Global Reggaetón Evolution Unfolds.

Cover Star and International Recognition

Beyond the successful debut of his sixth solo studio album, Ozuna has made a notable impact, gracing the covers of prestigious international magazines like Flaunt Magazine and the iconic Playboy. This month, he also featured on the cover of The Fader magazine, teasing the release of “Cosmo”. These appearances underscore Ozuna's growing influence and recognition globally, solidifying his status as one of the most influential Latin stars in the current music scene.

Playboy Feature: Secrets to Success

In the Playboy cover story, Ozuna shares his secrets to sustained success in the industry, highlighting his love and passion for music. He also discusses his future projects, including a biographical movie, among other topics.

Musical Inspiration: Flaunt Interview

In his interview with Flaunt, the two-time Latin Grammy winner discusses his inspiration for creating COSMO, his musical influences, and his perspective on the global evolution of reggaetón music.

COSMO: A Musical Evolution

The release of COSMO marks Ozuna's epic evolution, blending his influences into an extraordinary musical experience and introducing a new sound for his fans. The album features 15 tracks, including several collaborations with prominent producers and artists such as "El Plan" with Chencho Corleone and Sky Rompiendo, "Brabus" with Maldy; "La Chulita" with De La Ghetto; "Pa Ti Estoy" alongside Anuel AA and Chris Jedi; "Vocation" with David Guetta; "Fenti" with Jhayco; and "SM" with rapper Lito MC Cassidy, the latter carrying a message to raise awareness about mental health.

Latin Grammy 2023 Performance

Last Thursday, Ozuna debuted the single “Vocation” featuring French DJ and music producer David Guetta during his performance at the Latin Grammy 2023. This performance marked yet another milestone in Ozuna's illustrious career, showcasing his versatility and appeal on a global stage.