Jhayco Teams Up with Bryant Myers & Laur La L for 'KTM'

Charting New Territories: Jhayco's Latest Track Hints at Musical Innovation
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Jhayco Teams Up with Bryant Myers & Laur La L for 'KTM'

In an exciting turn of events, Puerto Rican reggaeton sensation Jhayco has teamed up with Bryant Myers and Laur La L to drop "KTM," pegged as the year's defining street anthem. This track brings together some of the most talked-about trap artists in Puerto Rico for a collaboration that's as much about settling differences as it is about celebrating the culture surrounding KTM street bikes, nightlife, and adventure. With lines that playfully jest at each other, like "We don’t take you seriously, you’re just a meme," the song balances between competitive banter and the promise of unity, ending on a note of reconciliation and shared success.

"KTM": Jhayco's evolved, collaborative hit. (Photo Credit: Francisco Javier Gonzalez)

A Glimpse into Jhayco's Musical Evolution

"KTM" not only marks Jhayco's first release of the year but also teases the next phase of this boundary-pushing artist's career. The track, a product of the combined genius of Jhayco, Bryant Myers, and Laur La L, and produced by Lil Geniuz and !llmind, showcases a maturity in sound and vision. It's complemented by a music video directed by Fernando Lugo, hinting at a series of upcoming visual collaborations. Jhayco's declaration in the song, highlighting the end of their war and the start of a collaborative future aimed at making millions, underscores a period of Vida Rockstar season, reminding listeners of the peace that follows conflict.

Jhayco: Rio Piedras to Worldwide Fame. (Photo Credit: Francisco Javier Gonzalez)

Jhayco: From Rio Piedras to Global Stardom

Jhayco, hailing from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, has firmly established himself as a leading figure in the new generation of El Movimiento. Known for his work with mainstream and underground artists alike, Jhayco has filled stadiums worldwide, including the iconic Coliseo de Puerto Rico, amassing over 17 billion streams globally. His contributions to the reggaeton scene have not gone unnoticed, with the LA Times and Complex recognizing him as a significant artist and a key figure behind many urbano music anthems.

The Musical Journey of Jhayco

Since bursting onto the scene in 2018 with his EP "Eyez On Me," Jhayco has released two albums, including "Timelezz," which hit #1 on the iTunes Latin Chart and was certified RIAA 2X Platinum. His latest, "HOLANDA," made waves on the Spotify Global charts. Jhayco's knack for collaboration has earned him two GRAMMY awards as a producer and significant success as a featured artist, with hits like "DAKITI" with Bad Bunny and the RIAA 20x platinum remix of "No Me Conoce."

Jhayco: A Versatile Figure in Music

Jhayco's influence extends beyond mainstream reggaeton, with collaborations that highlight his versatility and appeal across genres. Whether it's adding a sensual verse to Kali Uchis's "La Luz" or contributing to indie duo Buscabulla's album, Jhayco has proven himself a chameleon in the music world. His participation in the Netflix series NEON and the anticipation surrounding his upcoming album project signal a bright future for this dynamic artist, continually expanding his horizons and embracing new musical challenges.