Lola Indigo Dazzles at the Opening of SANTALUCIA Universal Music Week in Seville

SANTALUCIA Universal Music Week Gets a Star-Studded Start with Lola Indigo's Captivating Act
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Lola Indigo Dazzles at the Opening of SANTALUCIA Universal Music Week in Seville

The iconic Plaza de España in Seville witnessed an unprecedented spectacle on Saturday night, marking the commencement of the Santalucia Universal Music Week. This event, unique for its location and for kickstarting the city's festivities leading up to the Latin GRAMMYs, was electrified by none other than Lola Indigo.

A Show-Stopping Opening Act
Lola Indigo, the artist tasked with opening the festival, did not disappoint. Her performance was a breathtaking display of talent and spectacle, captivating the audience of 5,000 people who secured the event's first sold-out show. Making a grand entrance by emerging from a huge white shell, she immediately took command with her hit “AN1MAL,” backed by her skilled dance crew.

An Unforgettable Setting
The event's grandeur was amplified by its setting in an Architectural Heritage site, the largest construction in Seville in the 20th century designed by Anibal González. Overlooking the Guadalquivir River, the venue beautifully merged historical architecture with modern audiovisual technology, offering comfort, proximity, and unparalleled quality.

Lola Indigo: A Rising Star
Lola Indigo, at the heart of the show, is an artist whose growth is as remarkable as her dedication to her craft. Having officially concluded her “El Dragón Tour” just three weeks prior with two sold-out shows in Granada, she crowned her tour with a flawless performance in Seville, reaffirming her status in the Spanish pop scene.

A Dynamic and Diverse Performance
The energy only intensified as the night progressed. “Para Olvidarme De Ti” showcased a drum’n’bass rhythm supported by drums, violin, and electric guitar. “Discoteka” brought the night's first reggaeton beat, while “Toy Story” shifted gears with a 70s disco-funk vibe. The peak of excitement came with “La Niña De La Escuela,” a dancehall rhythm that enthralled the audience.

A Journey through Hits
Always radiant and emotionally invested, Lola Indigo seamlessly transitioned through hits like “4 Besos,” “Tiki Tiki,” and a medley including “Mujer Bruja,” “Maldición,” and “Santería.” She also paid homage to her southern roots with a flamenco set, concluding with “De Plastilina.”

An Enthralling Finale
For over ninety minutes, Lola Indigo kept the audience engaged until the final moments with her recent hit “El Tonto” and the timeless “Ya No Quiero Ná,” a song that continues to resonate with fans.

A Promising Start to the Music Week
This opening act sets a high bar for the subsequent events surrounding the Latin GRAMMYs, with performances by Pablo López, the gala El Flamenco es Universal, Morat, Juan Magán, and Antonio Orozco.

Scheduled Performances at the Santalucia Universal Music Week
Scheduled Performances at the Santalucia Universal Music Week

Upcoming Events at the Santalucia Universal Music Week:

  • Nov 12: Pablo López
  • Nov 13: El Flamenco Es Universal
  • Nov 14: Morat
  • Nov 15: Juan Magan
  • Nov 15: Aitana ‘Alpha House’ (Antique Theatro)
  • Nov 16: ‘El Árbol de Flamenco’
  • Nov 17: Antonio Orozco