Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos: A Riveting Artistic Adventure Exclusively on ViX

Maxi Iglesias and Ximena Romo Star in ViX's New Original Series, "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS"
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Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos: A Riveting Artistic Adventure Exclusively on ViX

Art lovers and suspense enthusiasts, get ready to immerse yourselves in a captivating journey through the world of art forgery and deception with "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" (The Artists: First Strokes). This exciting new series marks acclaimed author María Dueñas' first venture into direct-to-series production and serves as the inaugural project under her first-look agreement with TelevisaUnivision. Premiering exclusively on ViX on July 7th, this compelling show promises to delight audiences with its engaging narrative, stellar cast, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of talent.

María Dueñas, renowned for her bestselling novels, expressed her satisfaction with "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS," describing it as an enthralling, dynamic, and luminous series. With magnificent actors, stunning locations, ingenious plots, and a wealth of talent, this enriching project guarantees that each episode will leave viewers feeling entertained and uplifted.

At the heart of "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" are Maxi Iglesias and Ximena Romo, both acclaimed actors in their own right. Maxi Iglesias, known for his roles in "Volver a Caer," "Valeria," "Dueños del Paraíso," "Velvet," and "Física o Química," takes on the character of Yago. Meanwhile, Ximena Romo, recognized for her performances in "María Félix: la Doña," "Señorita 89," and "El Color de la Pasión," portrays Cata. Together, they form a seductive duo drawn into the high-stakes world of multi-million-dollar art dealing, brimming with fraud, deceit, and suspense.

Filmed across Spain and the United States, this original series recently wrapped production in Miami, promising audiences a visually stunning experience. The story follows Cata, a young Mexican art connoisseur, and Yago, a Spanish antique dealer who has recently closed his business due to unfortunate circumstances. Through twists of fate, Cata finds herself working in a lackluster restaurant in Madrid, while Yago seeks new opportunities. The pair unexpectedly crosses paths, their chemistry and shared desperation leading them to embark on a thrilling journey. Together, they attempt to sell magnificent works of art, except for one major obstacle—these works are not just counterfeit; they are meticulously and extraordinarily fake.

With their audacity, talent, and boldness, Cata and Yago drive the narrative of this enticing and addictive series. Humanity, unexpected turns, irony, and beauty permeate their journey, making "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" an engrossing exploration of the human spirit.

Adding to the allure of the show, Francesc Garrido, known for his work in "Waiting for May" and "El Jaguar," takes on the role of the series' antagonist. Produced by 360 Powwow and Isla Audiovisual, "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" is directed by Joaquín Llamas, Oriol Ferrer, and Manuel Sanabria, with Daniel Gutman and Victor García overseeing production.

As the premiere date approaches, anticipation for "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" continues to build. This enthralling series promises to be a visual and narrative feast, leaving audiences craving more with each episode. So mark your calendars for July 7th, when this captivating production becomes available exclusively on ViX. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure through the world of art, where deception and ingenuity collide, and the line between authenticity and forgery becomes blurred. "LOS ARTISTAS: PRIMEROS TRAZOS" is set to ignite your imagination and take you on a remarkable journey that will leave you wanting more.