Los Mesoneros Electrify Lollapalooza Chile with Stellar Performance

Band Captivates Over 210,000 Fans with Live Debut of ‘Su Lado De La Cama’
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Los Mesoneros Electrify Lollapalooza Chile with Stellar Performance

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This past weekend, the alternative pop rock sensation Los Mesoneros took Lollapalooza Chile by storm with their electrifying debut. Their performance not only captivated the massive audience but also signified a thrilling start to what promises to be an eventful year for the band. Among the festival's highlights was the band's live rendition of their new single, ‘Su Lado De La Cama’, witnessed by over 210,000 attendees at the 12th edition of this iconic festival.

Los Mesoneros announce album, shows

Exclusive Show and Upcoming Album

Following their festival appearance, Los Mesoneros dazzled fans with an additional show at Sala Metrónomo, leaving an indelible mark on their Chilean visit. ‘Su Lado De La Cama’, produced by the band itself, not only sets the stage for their forthcoming fourth studio album but also marks a return to their roots, showcasing the guitar's significance and the band's dynamic live energy. Fans can look forward to experiencing this firsthand during their upcoming performances at the Tecate Pal' Norte festival in Monterrey, Mexico, where they'll share the stage with globally celebrated bands.

Los Mesoneros Tour 2024 announced

Tour Announcements and U.S. Dates

The excitement continues as Los Mesoneros announce their Los Mesoneros Tour 2024, starting in May across several Mexican cities, with additional dates to be confirmed. The band's journey will extend to the United States in September, with concerts planned in Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Miami, promising more announcements soon. Tickets for all shows are currently available, inviting fans to partake in the band's evolving musical voyage.

Los Mesoneros gains global acclaim

A Rising Force in Music

With a sound that continually evolves and a knack for captivating audiences worldwide, Los Mesoneros are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Their presence on internationally acclaimed stages speaks volumes about their growing prominence and the unique energy they bring to the live music scene, making them one of the most promising bands to watch.

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