Maluma and Blessd Release Historic Collaborative Album "1 Of 1"

Maluma and Blessd Reflect on Their Roots in "1 Of 1"
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Maluma and Blessd Release Historic Collaborative Album "1 Of 1"

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The urban music scene in Colombia is witnessing an unprecedented milestone with the release of "1 Of 1," the first collaborative album by two Colombian urban artists, Maluma and Blessd. Maluma, a global icon with numerous awards and recognitions, and Blessd, a rising reggaeton star with a unique style, have come together to create a project that reflects their individual greatness and their deep commitment to Colombian culture.

"1 Of 1": Celebrating Colombian Neighborhoods

A Tribute to Colombian Neighborhoods

"1 Of 1" is more than just an album; it’s a vivid portrayal of the experiences and daily life in Colombian neighborhoods. Maluma and Blessd have captured the realities of different social classes, the essence of the streets, and the stories of struggle and perseverance that define their society in each song. The album serves as an inspiration for all those who, like Maluma and Blessd, have started from humble beginnings and faced numerous challenges to achieve success.

Historical Significance

"A full production between two Colombian artists had never been done before. If it's the first, it can't be done twice," Maluma stated, emphasizing the historic importance of this project. He expressed gratitude towards Blessd and his team, acknowledging how this collaboration has motivated him to reconnect with his artistic essence and showcase what made him the artist he is today.

A Special Collaboration

"Releasing something again with Maluma and being able to make an album together is super dope. It's the first time two Colombian artists in the urban genre come together to do something as big as this album, and further, to do it in the neighborhood where it all started while expressing many things that Juancho and I share," explains Blessd. The project also includes contributions from friends like Ronaldinho and the world's top jeweler, Jacob & Co., making it even more special for Blessd as an emerging star.

Visuals for "CALL ME"

The album is accompanied by visuals for the track “CALL ME,” filmed in the Antioquia neighborhood in Medellín, the hometown of both artists. The video shows Maluma and Blessd as friends reminiscing about their daily life and adventures in their neighborhood.

Honoring Past Generations

"1 Of 1" pays tribute to previous generations of Colombian artists whose legacy and work have inspired Maluma and Blessd to reach their current success. The album continues this legacy and honors the dedication of those who paved the way for them in the music industry.

Collaborative Effort

The creation of this album was made possible through the support and teamwork of the companies behind each artist: Royalty Records, Cigol Music Group, Dímelo Jara Company, Sony Music Latin, and Warner Music Latin. Together, they have made history with this top-notch production.

Tracklist of "1 Of 1"

Produced by “MadMuscik” and “The RudeBoyz,” the album features the following tracks:

  • 1 OF 1

"1 Of 1" is available on all digital platforms starting today. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking album that showcases the rich cultural tapestry of Colombian urban music.