Miami Art Week 2023: A Spectacular Cultural and Gastronomic Showcase

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Miami Art Week 2023: A Spectacular Cultural and Gastronomic Showcase

As Miami Art Week 2023 rapidly approaches, the excitement is palpable with a lineup of exceptional cultural initiatives set to take place in the Miami Design District (MDD). This year's event promises an eclectic mix of art, design, fashion, and a dining guide that highlights some of the best restaurants in the Magic City, including the anticipation around Major Food Group's newest venture: Chateau ZZ’s.

Art, Design & Fashion Highlights

The Art of Hip Hop Exhibition | Wynwood

The Museum of Graffiti introduces "Art of Hip Hop," an immersive exhibition opening in Wynwood. This showcase highlights the visual pioneers of Hip Hop culture, featuring photographers, album cover artists, graffiti visionaries, and logo designers. Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, this exhibition is a deep dive into the genre's history and Miami's cultural contributions.

Gucci’s New Dedicated Men’s Boutique | MDD - NEW

Gucci announces the opening of its new dedicated men’s boutique in the Miami Design District. Spanning two floors, this boutique is a significant addition to the district, offering a range of men's products and a private VIP shopping experience.

Atiba Jefferson’s Skate Photography Retrospective | MDD - NEW

Atiba Jefferson's skate photography retrospective, organized by Architecture, showcases over 25 years of his influential work. This comprehensive survey celebrates Jefferson's contributions to skate culture and his impact as both a documentarian and an artist.

Andres Reisinger’s “Take Over Miami” | MDD - NEW

Digital artist Andres Reisinger presents “Take Over Miami,” a groundbreaking public art installation in the Miami Design District. This exhibit blends digital and physical art forms, creating a pink-hued dreamscape that reimagines urban architecture.

Jayaram’s “Making Miami” | MDD - NEW

"Making Miami," presented by Jayaram Law, is a public art exhibition and digital archive showcasing the works of prominent Miami artists. The exhibition, spanning several curated indoor galleries and a Sculpture Garden, is a homage to Miami's early-2000s art scene.

LVMH’s “Culture House” | MDD - NEW

LVMH’s Culture House is a 5-day experiential art gallery pop-up in the Miami Design District. This immersive experience highlights artworks by diverse artists, facilitating dialogues that champion diversity in art and culture.

Samuel Ross Benches | MDD - NEW

The Miami Design District unveils a permanent installation by artist and designer Samuel Ross. Featuring innovative bench designs, these sculptures blend functionality with artistic exploration, enhancing the district's public spaces.

“Utopia” by Lara Bohinc - Miami Design District’s 2023 Annual Design Commission | MDD

Designer Lara Bohinc is awarded the 2023 Miami Design District Annual Design Commission. Her installation 'Utopia' features organic sculptures that envision a harmonious blend of nature and urban life.

Craig Robins Collection “A Train of Thoughts” | MDD

The Craig Robins Collection presents “A Train of Thoughts,” an exhibition that juxtaposes figuration and conceptualism. The collection showcases a unique dialogue between different art forms.

Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch’s “Forms” | MDD

The “Forms” exhibition, a collaboration between Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch, explores the relationship between abstraction and figuration in modern art. This group exhibition is a highlight of Miami Art Week.

Erick & Elliot Jimenez: “Reclining Mermaid” | MDD

Elliot & Erick Jiménez's “Reclining Mermaid” is a site-specific billboard that connects Miami's Caribbean roots with its urban fabric. This work is part of a series that commemorates the city's diverse cultural history.

Where to Dine

Miami Design District

La Màrtola (Opening January 2024),


ZZ’s Club,

Sadelle’s at Kith

Miami Beach




Chateau ZZ’s (Opening soon),

Dirty French Steakhouse

Coconut Grove


Throughout South Florida

Pura Vida - 19 locations,

MOTEK - 5 locations in Miami