Miami Dade College Announces Partnership with SynthBee, Inc. at eMerge Americas

This strategic collaboration aims to foster entrepreneurship and benefit the wider South Florida region.
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Miami Dade College Announces Partnership with SynthBee, Inc. at eMerge Americas

Miami Dade College (MDC) and the technology firm SynthBee, Inc. have joined forces to establish a dynamic partnership at eMerge Americas, aimed at propelling student-led innovation and entrepreneurship. This initiative marks a significant collaboration between education and industry, setting a promising landscape for students and the South Florida community.

Unlocking New Opportunities for Students

The alliance between MDC and SynthBee, Inc. offers students a unique chance to engage directly with advanced technological tools and platforms provided by SynthBee. This access is expected to open doors to various professional opportunities, including internships, fellowships, and career prospects at SynthBee, Inc., thereby enhancing student capabilities and contributing to the local talent development.

Leadership Comments on the Collaboration

MDC President, Madeline Pumariega, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its alignment with the college's mission to prepare students for a fast-changing global landscape. "This partnership exemplifies our commitment to equipping students with the skills and resources necessary to thrive," she stated.

Rony Abovitz, Founder & CEO of SynthBee, Inc., also commented on the partnership's potential, emphasizing its role in magnifying local talent and innovation. "We are shaping the future of South Florida as a global hub of innovation by investing in student talent and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship," said Abovitz.

Extending the Partnership's Reach

This collaboration goes beyond the college, involving various local universities and organizations, aiming to foster a widespread culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across South Florida. The partnership intends not just to stimulate student creativity but also to catalyze the creation of new companies and drive societal progress.

About Miami Dade College

Miami Dade College is celebrated for its diversity and breadth of programs. It offers more than 300 distinct degree paths across its multiple campuses, contributing significantly to the educational and cultural landscape of South Florida. Notable for its active role in community engagement, MDC also contributes substantially to the local economy and cultural richness.

About SynthBee, Inc.

SynthBee, Inc. stands at the forefront of technology, dedicated to enhancing human creativity and innovation through advanced computing solutions. Known as a leader in Computational Democracy, SynthBee continues to break new ground in technology development and application.

For additional information on this partnership or to engage with either organization, contact Sue Arrowsmith at Miami Dade College or visit SynthBee, Inc.'s website.