Miami's L'ATTITUDE 2023: Where Latino Culture and Marketing Collide

Trujillo, Acosta, Estefan, and Munoz Welcome a New Era of Latino Influence
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Miami's L'ATTITUDE 2023: Where Latino Culture and Marketing Collide

The vibrant city of Miami, known for its penchant for celebrations, recently basked in the afterglow of the 2023 L’ATTITUDE Conference. Held at the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel, the event drew a constellation of Fortune 500 CEOs, media moguls, and potential presidential candidates. Names such as Emilio & Gloria Estefan, Fat Joe, Oscar de la Hoya, and Miami's very own Francis Suarez were among the luminaries. Founded in 2018 by the visionary duo, Sol Trujillo and Gary Acosta, L’ATTITUDE isn't just an event; it's a movement, highlighting the burgeoning influence of the US Latino cohort in driving economic growth.

Economic Insights: The Latino Influence Mapped

On Wednesday, 9/27, attendees were treated to a major unveiling. The Latino Donor Collaborative's U.S. Latino 2023 GDP Report, presented by Wells Fargo, offered profound insights. The Latino population in the U.S., with a GDP of $2.8 trillion in 2020, stood out not merely as contributors but as leaders. If considered an independent nation, this GDP would rank as the fifth-largest economy globally.

The L'ATTITUDE partners - Sol Trujillo, Gary Acosta, Emilio Estefan, and Oscar Munoz - welcomed attendees with open arms. Miami's own luminaries, Manny Medina and Raul Alarcon, graced the occasion, adding to its prestige.

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The Sonic Boom: Charting Latin Music's Ascendancy

Thursday, 9/28resonated with melodies and rhythms. Led by the legendary Emilio Estefan, a panel comprising bigwigs from Universal Music and Billboard Magazine dissected the meteoric rise of Latin music and its growing dominance.

When Sports Icons and Entertainment Maestros Converged

Friday, 9/29 was a day for the sports annals. NBA Hall of Famer Manu Ginóbili engaged in riveting conversations with ex-pros Pepe Sanchez and Fabricio Oberto. The session, masterfully moderated by CNBC's Contessa Brewer, was a highlight.

That evening, the charismatic John Leguizamo engaged the audience, delving into his new venture, NGL Collective, and underlining the essence of Latin representation in media.

A Weekend of Revelations: From Courts to Campaign Trails

Saturday, 9/30 was a tour de force. Hip-hop maestro Fat Joe, alongside stalwarts from the NBA and NHL, examined the Latino influence in U.S. professional sports. The day also witnessed a vital discussion addressing America's worker shortage crisis, featuring Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and other political aspirants.

Sponsors and Activations: A Testament to Success

While the event boasted a range of esteemed sponsors, Diageo and Jarritos distinctly stood out. Their involvement went beyond mere sponsorship, captivating attendees with immersive on-site activations that greatly enriched the overall experience.

In Retrospect

L'ATTITUDE 2023 was a testament to the power and presence of the Latino community on the global stage. Armed with staggering statistics showcasing the U.S. Latinos' profound influence on workforce growth, business growth, and spending power, the event underscored the shift in branding narratives. As marketers realize, the Latino cohort isn't just a segment; they're the heart of the new mainstream economy.