"Moments Of My Life" Marks Indy Fontaine's Music Debut

Album features 11 tracks in both Spanish and English
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"Moments Of My Life" Marks Indy Fontaine's Music Debut

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Cuban singer-songwriter Indy Fontaine has released her debut album, "Moments Of My Life," which is now available on all digital platforms. This album marks a significant milestone in Indy's career, showcasing her bilingual skills and diverse musical influences.

A Blend of Genres and Languages

"Moments Of My Life" features 11 tracks in both Spanish and English, narrating stories of love, desire, and personal experiences. The album explores various genres within Adult Contemporary, including Soft Rock, R&B, Easy Listening, and Indie Pop. This diversity highlights Indy’s ability to blend different styles while maintaining her unique voice.

Behind the Production

Indy Fontaine not only wrote all the songs on the album but also served as the executive producer. She collaborated with Mike Fahey, who contributed to the production, engineering, and mixing of the album. Beth Cohen co-produced some of the English songs, and Pete Lyman from Infrasonic Sound mastered the album.

“Out of the 11 songs, 10 are originals. I wrote most of them in the two years leading up to the recording. As I finished writing each song, I had the whole idea of the arrangement and exactly how I wanted the songs to sound. Producing was new to me, and I didn’t realize then that I was the ‘producer’…. I was simply directing everyone to make it sound like it did in my head,” Indy explains.

Highlight Track: "Eres Luz"

The album's focus track, "Eres Luz," features a soothing piano, meticulous drums, and a sultry saxophone, complementing Indy’s passionate performance. The song narrates the intimate connection between two people separated by distance.

“Eres Luz is about an intense long-distance relationship of mine. Anticipation and desire while apart created this intense excitement of the most simple things: just touching hands, or dancing together, or that moment where you both look at each other and want to kiss, but it doesn’t happen, or better when it does. Eres Luz explains my feelings every time he had to return home, how much I longed for his return, and how I was in a cloud of dreams and beautiful feelings waiting for him because he was the Light of My Life,” Indy confesses.

Musical Talent and Collaborations

Throughout "Moments Of My Life," Indy displays her multi-instrumentalist talents, including playing the flute. The album also features the work of Jon Rose, an in-demand accompanist who has played for artists like Jon Secada, Julio Iglesias, and Cristian Castro, contributing his piano skills to the production.

Previous Releases and Live Performances

The album includes previously released singles such as "Devil in Angel Skin," "El Amor No Alcanza," "Capricho de Dos," and "Is This Love," which have received airplay on radio stations around the world, including in Argentina, France, Mexico, and Spain. Another notable track, "Paula de Abril," is a deeply personal song where Indy expresses her gratitude and love for her daughter.

At the beginning of the year, Indy released her first album in physical format as a gift to her homeland, Cuba. Recently, she held a sold-out performance at Havana’s Teatro Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba.

Tracklist for "Moments Of My Life"

  1. Don’t Let the Rope Break
  2. Capricho de Dos
  3. Is This Love
  4. Odiar y Querer
  5. Beautiful Sunrise
  6. Devil in Angel Skin
  7. Eres Luz
  8. El Amor No Alcanza
  9. Erotic Invention
  10. Paula de Abril
  11. Libérame

Indy Fontaine's "Moments Of My Life" invites listeners into a rich musical landscape, reflecting her diverse influences and personal experiences. The album is a testament to her talent and dedication, promising to resonate with audiences worldwide.