Naesketchie Reflects on Ten Years of Success in NYC Nightlife

How Naesketchie's Innovative Events are Shaping Urban Entertainment
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Naesketchie Reflects on Ten Years of Success in NYC Nightlife

In an exclusive interview with renowned public figure and Latin music executive AJ Ramos, Naesketchie, founder of Sketchie Entertainment Group, discusses his dynamic career and lasting impact on New York City's nightlife. With over a decade of experience and collaborations with stars like Drake, Post Malone, Cardi B, French Montana, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, El Alfa, and top-tier celebrity models, Naesketchie offers unparalleled insights into the evolution of urban nightlife and entertainment.

AJ Ramos & Naesketchie

A Journey Through New York's Nightlife

During the interview, Naesketchie recounted the iconic nights that have defined his career, reflecting on unique events that significantly impacted the industry. From his early days in the Bronx to hosting monumental events downtown, he has consistently broken cultural and geographical barriers, enriching NYC's nightlife with diverse music and vibrant cultural exchanges.

AJ Ramos & Naesketchie

Challenges and Triumphs

Naesketchie opened up about the adversities he has overcome and the triumphs born from his innovative approach to event promotion. His path is marked by both challenges and victories, from navigating the industry's dynamics to creating unforgettable experiences that set new standards in the entertainment sector.

AJ Ramos & Naesketchie

Leadership and Vision

The interview also highlighted Naesketchie's leadership style and his emotional investment in his work, which have been crucial in steering Sketchie Entertainment Group to its esteemed position today. He shared emotional moments that shaped his leadership and the strategic decisions that have propelled his company forward in New York's competitive entertainment landscape.

Future Aspirations and Continued Impact

Looking ahead, Naesketchie remains committed to enhancing New York City's nightlife through innovative events and strategic collaborations that bridge genres and cultures. His future projects promise to further revitalize the city's nightlife and cement his role as a key influencer in the global entertainment industry.

Fashion Brand “Mazco”

Beyond his impact on nightlife, Naesketchie has made waves in the fashion industry with his brand “Mazco,” which has captured public attention with its unique style and packaging, becoming a viral phenomenon.

About Sketchie Entertainment Group

Founded by Naesketchie, a leading force in New York City's nightlife industry, Sketchie Entertainment Group is known for its high-profile events and partnerships with global music superstars and celebrities.

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