Nathy Peluso Announces GRASA Tour: Her First-Ever U.S. Tour and Headline Dates Across Europe

“It’s going to be raw, powerful, and full of energy. I can't wait to share these unforgettable moments with all of you!"
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Nathy Peluso Announces GRASA Tour: Her First-Ever U.S. Tour and Headline Dates Across Europe

Argentine sensation Nathy Peluso (@NathyPeluso) has set the music world ablaze with the announcement of her GRASA tour, which marks her first-ever U.S. tour along with several headline dates across Europe. This tour, in support of her critically acclaimed new album 'GRASA', promises to be a raw and powerful celebration of self-acceptance and musical mastery.

The 'GRASA' album, released via 5020 Records / Sony Music Spain, is a testament to Nathy’s artistic evolution. Featuring 16 tracks, each accompanied by a music video directed by Agustín Puente and produced by The Movement by Landia, the album offers a visually and sonically rich experience.

One of the standout tracks, "TODO ROTO (Feat. CA7RIEL & Paco Amoroso)", has quickly become a fan favorite, trending on TikTok and captivating listeners with its powerful message of self-discovery. Nathy's collaboration with artists likeC.Tangana and Duki further highlights her versatility and willingness to push musical boundaries. The salsa track "La Presa", which earned a New York Times cosign, showcases Nathy's ability to masterfully deliver traditional genres with a modern twist.

In her native Argentina, the word 'grasa' can mean “tacky” or “vulgar,” but Nathy is reclaiming it to represent a state of mind and a lifestyle. She flaunts her uniqueness and challenges societal norms, from proudly displaying her body to celebrating everyday pleasures like a slice of pizza. "For me it’s a state of mind, a lifestyle,” she says.

Nathy co-produced and co-wrote all 16 tracks on 'GRASA', with Venezuelan musician and producer Manuel Lara serving as executive producer. The album draws inspiration from diverse sources, including the grandeur of mafia lore, 1970s NYC salsa, and contemporary icons like Kendrick Lamar, all while maintaining a unique, modern sound.

In 'GRASA', Nathy opens up about the growing pains and creative crises that come with fame and success. The album reveals a more mature and emboldened artist, unafraid to share her vulnerabilities. Tracks like “Manhattan” featuring Duki, and “Envidia” featuring C. Tangana, offer raw honesty and humor about societal pressures and personal struggles.

Standout track "La Presa" is a classic salsa song featuring contributions from legendary figures like Jerry Rivas and members of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. “El día que perdí mi juventud,” a nostalgic acoustic tune, features producer Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) on guitar, highlighting Nathy’s range and depth as an artist.

Nathy Peluso's debut album 'Calambre' catapulted her to fame, winning “Best Alternative Album” at the Latin GRAMMYs and scoring hits with Bizarrap and C. Tangana. With 'GRASA', Nathy continues to break barriers and redefine the music industry, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.