NTERTAIN Lights Up Miami Art Week with “The Art of Being Latin” Experience

Innovative Art and Urban Influence: From Graffiti to Global Recognition
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NTERTAIN Lights Up Miami Art Week with “The Art of Being Latin” Experience

Miami Art Week is set to witness a cultural renaissance with NTERTAIN's latest initiative, “The Art of Being Latin.” Spearheaded by Lex Borrero, this event, spanning December 9-10, transforms The Builder's Collective in Wynwood into a vibrant showcase of Latin creativity. NTERTAIN, a conglomerate comprising NEON16, NTERTAIN Studios, and AM16, orchestrates this rich cultural tapestry, featuring eminent personalities from various creative spheres.

Star-Studded Lineup and Event Highlights

The event boasts an impressive lineup including Tainy, Sofia Reyes, Ángel Manuel Soto, and Ahol Sniffs Glue, who will enrich the experience with their unique artistic expressions. “The Art of Being Latin” promises a multifaceted exploration of Latin culture through art exhibits, music performances, and film screenings.

Lex Borrero, reflecting on the event's essence, said, “Our goal is to celebrate and amplify the diverse narratives within Latino culture, inspiring pride in heritage and the pursuit of dreams.” Guests can anticipate a lively atmosphere, complemented by exquisite CÎROC and Buchanan’s Whisky cocktails.

In-Depth Panels and Discussions

The two-day event will feature several key discussions. The first day includes an insightful panel titled “Crafting the Celebrity Image” and a powerful “Women in Entertainment” session, headlined by Sofia Reyes. Another highlight is the “Blue Beetle: Unveiling the Movie Magic” panel, offering a glimpse into the making of this groundbreaking film.

Creative Insights and Performances

Day two brings more excitement with discussions like “Branding a Superstar: Designing Feid” and “From Miami to the World,” focusing on the evolution and impact of urban art. Renowned artist Danny Hastings will share his journey in “Iconic Photography by Danny Hastings,” while Ahol Sniffs Glue talks about his unique project 'GEOGRAPHIES OF TRASH.'

Closing Celebrations

The event concludes with “The Art of Being Latin” closing party, a fitting end to this celebration of Latino creativity and influence.

NTERTAIN's “The Art of Being Latin” is more than just an event; it's a cultural movement, redefining connections between brands and audiences through authenticity and creativity. This extravaganza is poised to leave a lasting impact on Miami Art Week, showcasing the dynamic and vibrant spirit of Latin culture. For more information, contact David Villavicencio at Chemistry Cultura for NTERTAIN.