Otra noche más": A Time-Traveling Musical Collaboration Between Victor Manuelle and Frankie Ruiz

Combining Voices Across Time: How Technology Made the Impossible Possible
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Otra noche más": A Time-Traveling Musical Collaboration Between Victor Manuelle and Frankie Ruiz

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In an exciting blend of past and present, Victor Manuelle has taken the music scene by storm with his latest single, "Otra noche más." This track marks an innovative fusion with salsa legend Frankie Ruiz, despite Ruiz's physical absence, through the clever use of technology to incorporate excerpts from Ruiz's 1989 hit "Deseándote." This collaboration breathes new life into the genre, creating a bridge between generations of salsa enthusiasts.

A Dream Fulfilled Through Modern Technology

Victor Manuelle expressed his profound connection to the project, stating, "Achieving this collaboration is a dream come true." The integration of Frankie Ruiz's iconic voice brings a layer of nostalgia and emotional depth to the song, a feat Manuelle finds deeply moving. The technological prowess behind this effort has allowed for a seamless melding of talents, offering fans a piece that resonates with both historical significance and contemporary flair.

"Retromántico": A Nod to the Romantic Salsa of the 90s

"Otra noche más" serves as the lead single for Manuelle's upcoming album, "Retromántico," a project that pays homage to the romantic salsa sound of the 1990s. Crafted with musical arrangements by Junito Dávila, the song achieves a balance that honors the era's essence while showcasing Manuelle's and Ruiz's distinctive styles. Manuelle's challenge to blend these elements into a cohesive piece speaks to his dedication and respect for the genre and its history.

Visual Storytelling: The "Otra noche más" Music Video

The accompanying music video, filmed in Medellín, visually represents the song's poignant lyrics about longing and lost love. Manuelle faced the unique challenge of incorporating Frankie Ruiz's presence into the video in a way that felt meaningful and respectful. The solution—a nostalgic discovery of a VHS tape featuring Ruiz—perfectly encapsulates the theme of reminiscing about the past while confronting the present.

Honoring a Legacy: The Frankie Ruiz Estate's Support

The Frankie Ruiz Estate expressed their honor and support for the project, seeing the collaboration as a testament to Ruiz's enduring influence on the music world. This endorsement from Ruiz's family and estate underscores the project's significance in bridging the gap between the salsa legends of yesterday and today's artists.

Celebrating Salsa Across the Americas: The "Retromántico" Concert Tour

With "Otra noche más," Victor Manuelle not only pays tribute to Frankie Ruiz but also cements his status as a towering figure in tropical music. The release coincides with the announcement of his "Retromántico" concert tour, set to captivate audiences across Latin America and the United States. This tour promises to be a celebration of Manuelle's musical journey, infused with the rich history and evolution of salsa music.

"Otra noche más": A Lyrical Exploration of Love and Longing

The lyrics of "Otra noche más" explore themes of love, longing, and the irreplaceable nature of a lost connection. The song's poignant verses and the interplay between Manuelle's and Ruiz's vocals create a narrative that is universally relatable, capturing the heartache and complexity of romantic relationships.


Victor Manuelle's "Otra noche más" is more than just a song; it's a groundbreaking moment in music history that celebrates the legacy of Frankie Ruiz while pushing the boundaries of what is possible through technology and creativity. This project not only honors the past but also looks to the future, promising to bring generations of salsa fans together through the power of music.