Saiko Unveils New Album 'Sakura': An Intergalactic Musical Voyage

Directed by Oleg Brovchenko, Each Video Captures the Unique Aura of Its Corresponding Planet
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Saiko Unveils New Album 'Sakura': An Intergalactic Musical Voyage


In December 2023, the music world was treated to Saiko's latest EP, "Saliendo del Planeta," hinting at an expansive venture. This EP was just a prelude to his newest album, "Sakura," where Saiko shares his artistic narratives inspired by an imaginary journey to the SAKURA galaxy. This album acts as a travel diary, encapsulating the sights and emotions he envisioned during his galactic escapade.

"Sakura": Planetary emotions, artistic collaboration.

Album Artwork and Inspirations

The cover of "Sakura" is a collaboration between Saiko and painter Pablo Astrain, based on a sketch Saiko created on his iPad. It features the eight planets of the SAKURA galaxy, with each planet representing a significant emotion or milestone in the album, linking every track to a celestial body.

A Sonic Odyssey

"Sakura" offers a deep dive into Saiko's universe, showcasing his multifaceted artistic identity through a rich tapestry of sounds, rhythms, and emotions. This album is not just a collection of songs but a journey through a sonic landscape that promises to engage listeners with its complexity and innovation.

Cinematic Video Production

Highlighting the album’s ambitious scope, Saiko released 16 music videos, each with cinematic quality, directed by Oleg Brovchenko. These videos were filmed globally to authentically capture the essence of each planet portrayed in the album. Notably, the video for the track "Luna" was shot at La Alhambra, making Saiko the first artist to film at this historically significant site.

Detailed Album Insights

"Sakura" spans various musical styles and collaborations. Tracks like "Luna," featuring Dellafuente, and "Cometa Halley," with J Balvin, showcase significant collaborations that resonate with Saiko's roots and artistic vision. The album also features a remix of "Polaris" with artists like Feid and Quevedo, blending urban beats with drum and bass elements, a testament to Saiko’s innovative approach to music.

Emotional and Musical Range

From reggaeton tracks with cosmic themes to deeply personal songs that explore love and loss, "Sakura" covers a wide emotional spectrum. Each song on the album adds to the narrative arc of Saiko’s journey through the galaxy, making "Sakura" a unique musical and thematic exploration.

Conclusion: A Stellar Musical Journey

With "Sakura," Saiko not only pushes the boundaries of his music but also invites his audience into a meticulously crafted world. This album confirms his position as a creative force in the music scene, continuing to blend cultural influences and innovate within his genre.

Saiko's "Sakura" is available across all major streaming platforms, ensuring that fans old and new can partake in this interstellar musical voyage.