Empowering The Sounds of Tomorrow: SESAC Latina & Rimas Publishing Host "Music 101 Puerto Rico"

The exclusive musical seminar dazzles with a star-studded panel including ANONIMUS, Echo, Janice Maisonet, Pirulo, and The Best Soundz.
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Empowering The Sounds of Tomorrow: SESAC Latina & Rimas Publishing Host "Music 101 Puerto Rico"

In a groundbreaking move to equip composers and producers with the tools to thrive in the music industry, SESAC Latina - one of the leading performance rights organizations in the U.S. - and the award-winning independent entity, Rimas Publishing, joined forces to present the internationally acclaimed seminar, Music 101. Partnering with the world's premier video platform, YouTube, as the official Digital Service Provider (DSP), the exclusive event was nothing short of an insightful odyssey for its attendees.

Held at the esteemed Fundación Banco Popular, the seminar featured a powerhouse of artists and influential executives sharing invaluable insights. Their collective knowledge illuminated the path for both budding and established artists, guiding them through the intricate maze of the music industry.

Nelson Gonzalez, Emilio Morales, Celeste Zendajas, MaryNelly Amorós, Gabi Nuñez, and AJ Ramos.

Spanning six engaging panels, the symposium meticulously delved into pivotal facets of the musical realm. Discussions ranged from the significance of a performance rights organization, the role of a publisher, and intricate creative and legal considerations, to other core aspects of the music business.

The distinguished panelists boasted the likes of Latin GRAMMY-winning producer Echo, the revered saxophonist, composer, and GRAMMY-winner Janice Maisonet, Latin Billboard nominee Pirulo, and the celebrated Latin GRAMMY-winning duo The Best Soundz.

The stage was set aflame when acclaimed singer-songwriter ANONIMUS took the mic as the keynote speaker. His compelling discourse, packed with personal insights and experiences, held the audience spellbound.

"We are thrilled with the outcome of Music 101 in Puerto Rico. The anticipation to reintroduce this seminar was immense, and what better locale than the heartland of Latin music. Our gratitude to Rimas Publishing for their unparalleled support, ensuring this event was a resounding success," beamed Celeste Zendejas, Vice President of SESAC Latina.

Echoing this sentiment, Emilio Morales, CEO of Rimas Publishing, emphasized, "We remain dedicated to bolstering the growth of Puerto Rico's musical ecosystem. Initiatives like Music 101 are vital for educating emerging talents and veterans alike. We're grateful to SESAC for this collaborative venture, poised to make a monumental impact on the island's musical creators."

Post-event, attendees spilled into La Respuesta for a lively reception. The venue buzzed with vibrant conversations as attendees mingled with industry stalwarts. Artist KRZ and producer/DJ David B further elevated the ambiance with a soulful musical performance, encapsulating the night's fervor.

Special commendations to Rossi P.C. and Fundación Banco Popular for their sponsorship, underscoring their commitment to the island's composers, producers, and songwriters.