Sting to Electrify Miami's Charity Scene at Annual Make-A-Wish Ball

Decades of Dedication: Malnik, Sampert, and Wedderburn Aim for Record-Breaking Contributions
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Sting to Electrify Miami's Charity Scene at Annual Make-A-Wish Ball

Main photo by: Eric Ryan Anderson

Roll out the red carpet and mark your calendars for November 4, because Sting is set to infuse the 28th Annual InterContinental® Miami Make-A-Wish® Ball with his chart-topping anthems. With a legendary status that has withstood the rigors of the music industry for over five decades, this GRAMMY Award®-winner's participation is not just a performance; it's a harmonious pledge to support a heartwarming cause.

A Night of Mystery and Generosity

Beyond the promise of Sting’s magnetic melodies lies an evening draped in the theme "OCULUS – Le Sceptre Rose," where attendees partake in an artful intrigue designed by Creative Director Maxwell Blandford. This gala isn't just a fundraiser; it's an interactive experience that transforms the InterContinental® Miami into a grand "World Museum of Art," with every guest playing a part in a captivating narrative of recovery and artistry.

The Three Amigos and Their Vision

The soirée's success hinges on the trio dubbed “The Three Amigos” — Shareef M. Malnik, Glenn Sampert, and Norman Wedderburn. This ensemble has steered the event toward an impressive philanthropic impact, accruing an astounding $37 million to date for the cause. Their collective efforts last year culminated in a monumental $5.7 million, setting a towering benchmark for this year's expectations.

The Power of A Wish

Norman Wedderburn took a moment to highlight the profound effect of Make-A-Wish® Southern Florida’s work — with 553 wishes granted locally and 257 more for families across the nation. Yet, it was Katie Maloney's moving testament about her son Charlie's "Super Mario Brothers Wish" that truly embodied the evening's spirit, illustrating the beacon of hope these efforts cast during the toughest times faced by these families.

Culinary Creations and Sweet Gestures

Chef Jhonnatan Contreras, alongside pastry maestro Francisco Rosario, promises to tantalize your palate with edible artworks, from pink macaron necklaces to a sugar-spun replica of the "Le Sceptre Rose" itself. Each culinary concoction at the Ball is a feast for the eyes as much as for the taste, adding an additional layer of indulgence to the night's festivities.

Save the Date and Make a Difference

Remember, folks, securing your spot at this grand affair is not just about witnessing Sting's soul-stirring performance. It's about extending your hand to those little warriors fighting big battles. For tickets and information, visit and join a community where charity resonates with every note played and every wish granted. Ya'll, it's going to be a night that marries the best of entertainment with the heart of philanthropy — all in the magical city of Miami.