'Take a Ride Miami' Trailer Draws Over 1 Million Views, Exposing Miami's Battle Against Gun Violence on Amazon Prime"

"Miami's Fight Against Gun Violence Comes to Life: 'Take a Ride Miami' Documentary Inspires Action"
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'Take a Ride Miami' Trailer Draws Over 1 Million Views, Exposing Miami's Battle Against Gun Violence on Amazon Prime"

When envisioning Miami, picturesque images of beautiful beaches, trendy restaurants, towering skyscrapers, and swaying palm trees often come to mind. However, beneath this vibrant facade lies an unseen reality that eludes the gaze of tourists and even some locals. Embark on a journey and explore the hidden corners of Miami, Florida through the thought-provoking documentary "Take a Ride Miami." This powerful film, helmed by Miami residents, including director and lead on-camera role Anthon Samuel, and co-directed by award winning filmmaker Guillermo Olivo, provides an intimate and firsthand account of the pressing issue of gun violence that plagues Miami's communities.

Take A Ride Miami // Amazon Prime

Unveiling the Lesser-Known:

While Miami is often associated with its iconic South Beach, renowned for its sandy shores, oceanfront dining establishments, and impressive architectural marvels, lesser-known neighborhoods bear the weight of a different reality. Communities such as Liberty City, Opa-Locka, Overtown, North Miami, Little Haiti, Goulds, Perrine, South Miami, Homestead, Lincoln Heights, and Miami Gardens (formerly known as Carol City) remain hidden from the glossy postcards. These areas grapple with the detrimental consequences of gang wars and pervasive gun violence, a somber truth that demands attention. "Take a Ride Miami" skillfully unravels the daily struggles faced by residents within these communities, shedding light on the gravity of the issue.

Take a Ride Miami // Anthon Samuel
Director and Cast Member Anthon Samuel

Addressing Root Causes:

Far from advocating for a blanket ban on firearms, "Take a Ride Miami" delves deeper, emphasizing the significance of mental health, fostering values, promoting mentorship, and fostering a strong sense of community. By capturing the stories and experiences of those affected by gun violence, the film encourages viewers to reflect on the power of their thoughts and interactions in creating safer environments. Anchored by the directorial prowess of Anthon Samuel and co-directed by Guillemro Olivo, the documentary underscores the importance of compassionate dialogue and proactive engagement as catalysts for positive change.

Co-Director of Take a Ride Miami // Guillermo Olivo

A Collaborative Endeavor:

"Take a Ride Miami" is the result of a collaborative effort driven by a team of executive producers deeply rooted in the Miami community. Anthon Samuel, Guillermo Olivo, Alex Quin, Francisco Salazar, Luz Marina Echeverry, and Michelle Chia recognized the urgency to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of gun violence and dedicated themselves to bringing this project to fruition. Their unwavering commitment and passion for Miami shine through in every frame of the film, crafting an authentic and impactful narrative of the city's struggles.

Executive Producer of Take a Ride // Alex Quin

Raising Awareness and Inspiring Action:

Through the vision of director Anthon Samuel and co-director Guillemro Olivo, "Take a Ride Miami" fearlessly confronts the harrowing reality of gun violence, highlighting the profound consequences and lasting trauma experienced by its victims, particularly the younger generation. By presenting these stories, the documentary aims to foster empathy, understanding, and a collective call to action. It urges viewers to actively address the social issues that permeate Miami, guided by the values of compassion, mentorship, and prioritizing mental health support.

"Take a Ride Miami" has captivated audiences, garnering over 1 million organic views on its promotional trailers alone. The film's powerful message and compelling storytelling have resonated deeply with viewers, sparking conversations and raising awareness about Miami's battle against gun violence. Furthermore, the documentary has amassed an impressive following on social media, accumulating over 40,000 shares across various platforms.

The inclusion of prominent Miami figures such as Blaze Carter, Level and The Circle of Brotherhood adds authenticity and local perspective to the narrative, drawing on the voices and experiences of those intimately connected to the city. Together, these elements contribute to the film's widespread impact, fostering a sense of urgency and inspiring communities to come together in the fight for change.

This film stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Miami's residents to shine a light on the deeply rooted issue of gun violence within their community. Crafted by local talents, including director and lead on-camera role Anthon Samuel and co-director Guillermo Olivo, the film offers an authentic and intimate perspective on the challenges faced by Miami's neighborhoods. By emphasizing the importance of mental well-being, fostering values, and nurturing a strong sense of community, the documentary encourages viewers to create safer environments for Miami's children and families.

You can watch the film on Amazon Prime by clicking here.

Digital Artist Jeff Cole comments on Take a Ride Miami
Digital Artist Jeff Cole comments on Take a Ride Miami
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Miami Music Artist Cami B shares Take a Ride Miami on Instagram