Tiago PZK Launches His Dynamic Sophomore Album 'GOTTI A'

Collaborations with Charlie Heat and Yeti Beats Elevate 'GOTTI A'
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Tiago PZK Launches His Dynamic Sophomore Album 'GOTTI A'

(Photo Credit: Bruno Gentile)


Tiago PZK, known for his innovative artistry and willingness to take risks, has released his second album, ‘GOTTI A’. This new album marks a significant evolution in his career, presenting a creative duel between Tiago and his alter ego, "Gotti A". Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, the album represents a unique intersection of Tiago's two worlds. Fans can now stream ‘GOTTI A’ on all digital platforms.

‘GOTTI A’ Explores Tiago’s Transformation
(Photo Credit: Bruno Gentile)

Exploring Duality

Drawing inspiration from the saying “two sides of the same coin,” ‘GOTTI A’ explores the balance between Tiago and his alter ego, with each track symbolizing a step in his transformation from a regular artist to a pop icon. The 14-track album showcases Tiago's versatility, spanning various genres such as Latin, Urban Pop, and R&B, all while maintaining his core essence.

Collaborations and Production

Executively produced by Tiago and Tatool, ‘GOTTI A’ features collaborations with top-tier producers like Charlie Heat (known for working with Kanye West, Madonna, and Travis Scott) and Yeti Beats (associated with Doja Cat). These collaborations bring a rich, diverse sound to the album, enhancing Tiago's innovative approach.

Notable Tracks

The album opens with “Tiago se encontró, y ahora es Gotti A” (Tiago found himself, and now he’s Gotti A), setting a self-affirming tone. “Todas Las Estrellas” turns a cinematic track into a journey of authority and self-discovery. “Adicción” surprises with an infectious salsa groove, showcasing Tiago’s ability to master different genres. The focus track, “De Vuelta,” features an energetic merengue collaboration with Manuel Turizo, poised to become a summer hit.

Diverse Musical Elements

Tiago’s collaboration with Trueno on the hip hop track “I’m Blessed” rewrites musical norms, while “Party BB” with Justin Quiles brings reggaeton to life. He partners with Duki on the EDM-influenced “RCP,” and dives into sentimental territory with “La Despedida.” Each song on the album reflects Tiago’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

Personal Touches

“This album is very significant to me because it reflects the diversity of my musical journey as an artist and a songwriter,” Tiago stated. The album also includes the spellbinding “Cristal,” featuring Argentine singer Nicki Nicole, and the heartfelt “Tony” and “Griselda,” which is dedicated to his mother. The album concludes with “La Última,” a track that encapsulates Tiago’s dynamic range and marks a powerful end to the album.

Upcoming Releases and Tour Plans

‘GOTTI A’ includes previously released tracks “Piel” featuring Ke Personajes and “Mi Corazón.” Fans can look forward to the upcoming release of “Alegría,” featuring Latin stars Anitta and Emilia. Tiago also plans a world tour, with dates to be announced soon, continuing his summer performances at festivals and shows across Europe.


  1. Todas Las Estrellas
  2. Adicción
  3. De Vuelta feat. Manuel Turizo
  4. I’m Blessed feat. Trueno
  5. Alegría feat. Anitta & Emilia
  6. Party BB feat. Justin Quiles
  7. Piel feat. Ke Personajes
  8. La Despedida
  9. RCP feat. Duki
  10. Mi Corazón
  11. Cristal feat. Nicki Nicole
  12. Tony
  13. Griselda
  14. La Última