"TRAPPII": A Triumphant Trio with Jay Wheeler, Dirrty, and Botlok

How Their Unique Approaches Are Creating Unforgettable Sounds
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"TRAPPII": A Triumphant Trio with Jay Wheeler, Dirrty, and Botlok

The Rise of Dirrty

Andrés Jesé Gavillán Batista, popularly known as "Dirrty," has become a notable figure in the music industry. Born on April 29, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dirrty was raised in Carolina, a region known as the cradle of reggaeton. This environment fueled his passion for music, leading him to record his first song post-high school and consistently frequent recording studios.

Dirrty's journey in music took a significant turn with his collaboration on Farruko's album "Trapxficante." The track "Losing Control" marked a pivotal point in his career, steering him towards full-time music composition after obtaining a psychology degree from the University of Puerto Rico.

His breakthrough continued during the 2020 pandemic, where he honed his skills and participated in virtual music camps. This period led to connections with Rimas Entertainment and significant collaborations, including with artists like Sebastian Yatra and Mariah Angeliq.

Dirrty's collaboration with Jay Wheeler on the album "Emociones" and the single "Lokera" marked the start of a successful streak, earning him recognition and further collaborations with international artists. His versatility across trap, reggaeton, and pop ballads was notably showcased in the album "TRAPPII," receiving a nomination in Premios Juventud 2023.

Botlok: The Visionary Producer

Botlok, born Elvin Jesus Roubert Rodriguez on April 12, 1997, in Guayama, Puerto Rico, is a diamond and multi-platinum producer, as well as a Latin Grammy nominee. Influenced by genres like hip-hop, EDM, and rock, Botlok pursued a career in sound engineering and music production, graduating from the Liceo de Arte y Tecnología in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.

His early success began with the duo Ammunition and continued with collaborations with Jhay Cortez, resulting in hits like "Costear" and "Como Se Siente Remix." Botlok's journey included worldwide tours and collaborations with artists like Miky Woodz, Anitta, and J Balvin.

In 2019, Botlok moved to Miami, where he received a Grammy nomination for "Medusa" and achieved success with "AM" by Nio Garcia, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny. His recent work includes collaborations with Ozuna and Arcangel, further establishing him as a leading figure in Latin music production.

Collaboration on "TRAPPII"

Botlok and Dirrty's collaboration on Jay Wheeler's "TRAPPII" has been a milestone in their careers. The album, initially planned as an EP, expanded into a full-length project due to the creative chemistry among the artists. This collaboration has not only pushed Jay Wheeler out of his comfort zone but also redefined the boundaries of musical genres, blending trap with emotional and sensual themes.

Future Prospects

Both artists are set for a promising future. Dirrty, grateful for the dramatic shift in his career since the pandemic, continues to create impactful music and collaborate with esteemed artists. His nominations for the Latin Grammys and platinum records speak volumes of his growing influence in the industry.

Botlok, on the other hand, is not only satisfied with being a successful producer but is also venturing into his own projects as a lead artist. His plans include launching an EP that showcases his unique style and musical vision, aiming to leave a lasting impression in the music world.


Dirrty and Botlok's journeys reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of the music industry. Their ability to blend different musical styles and create groundbreaking collaborations marks them as influential figures in reshaping the musical landscape. As they continue to innovate and collaborate, the future holds great promise for these talented artists.