Venezuelan Stars Barbara Doza and Rawayana Set to Ignite the Music Scene with "Get Down''

A Collaboration to Watch: The Anticipated Fusion of Genres and Talent
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Venezuelan Stars Barbara Doza and Rawayana Set to Ignite the Music Scene with "Get Down''

Rising talent Barbara Doza, the Venezuelan sensation, is set to unveil her latest Latin pop single "Get Down." This track, a collaboration with the acclaimed Venezuelan band Rawayana, is scheduled for release on Friday, January 26th. Barbara, known for her vibrant fashion sense and compelling music, is making significant strides in the music industry.

Collaborative Brilliance and Industry Buzz
Barbara's ascent in the music world is propelled by collaborations with influential figures like Yeti Beats, famous for his work with DOJA CAT, and Edgar Esteves, a celebrated Venezuelan director known for his stunning visual artistry in music videos. Following the success of her previous single "Chula," featuring Angel Dior, which garnered attention in major music outlets like People en Español and Billboard Argentina, Barbara's influence and appeal are clearly on the rise.

A Latin Movement in Music
With "Get Down," Barbara Doza and Rawayana are at the forefront of a movement in the music scene. Historically, Venezuelan artists have not been widely recognized in the global music industry. This collaboration represents a significant Venezuelan representation in the music world, uniting two of the country's most prominent talents.

Anticipated Release and Media Resources
The anticipation for "Get Down" is building, with expectations of a substantial impact upon its release. For those interested in an early listen and more insights into Barbara Doza's journey and artistry, her press kit is available for review.

This collaboration is more than just a single release; it's a celebration of Venezuelan talent and culture, expected to resonate with audiences worldwide. Prepare for a sonic experience that captures the essence of Latin pop, brought to you by Barbara Doza and Rawayana.