Warner Music Latina Appoints Andrés Shaq as Director of A&R

Colombian Music Expert Andrés Shaq Takes the Helm as Director of A&R at Warner Music Latina
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Warner Music Latina Appoints Andrés Shaq as Director of A&R

Warner Music Latina has appointed Andrés Shaq as Director of A&R. Based in Miami, he will report to Héctor Ruben Rivera, Senior Vice President and Head of Latin Music A&R.

Previously serving as Senior A&R Manager at Warner Music Colombia, Shaq brings solid connections within the vibrant music scene of the country. His presence in Miami will be a crucial link to the Colombian market, facilitating the development and success of new artists in the Latin market of the United States.

"Colombia and the Andean region are home to an incredible abundance of talent waiting to be discovered. I am fully committed to uncovering and nurturing future Latin superstars. It is a profound honor to build upon Warner Music Latina's distinguished legacy and elevate our artists to extraordinary levels," stated Shaq.

"We warmly welcome Shaq as he joins our outstanding A&R team. Having proven himself as a visionary and a pioneer, Shaq brings vast experience and deep insights to his new role. His keen eye for discovering emerging talent, combined with his passion for Latin music, makes him the perfect candidate to identify and develop new talents. We are excited for the future and anticipate great success," expressed Héctor Ruben Rivera.

"Shaq truly stands out for his unwavering commitment to an artist-centered approach. His expertise, passion, and tenacity are highly valued and will undoubtedly contribute to our continued growth. With Shaq's leadership and dedication, Warner Music Latina is poised to promote diverse voices, break barriers in musical innovation, and elevate Latin music worldwide," concluded Roberto Andrade Dirak, Managing Director of Warner Music Latina.

During his three-year tenure at Warner Music Colombia, Shaq made significant contributions and achieved excellent results throughout the Andean region. He played a key role in the development of artists such as Piso 21 and Blessd, and will continue to collaborate with them in his new position.

He also signed prominent Colombian producers such as ICON, DJ MAFF, and SOG, while his leadership was instrumental in projects like Mike Bahía and Piso 21's latest album, "777," which includes the hit song "Los Chachos" featuring Manuel Turizo.

Shaq also brings extensive experience working with elite brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Red Bull.

With his track record and dedication, Andrés Shaq's appointment as Director of A&R at Warner Music Latina signals an exciting future for the label and the Latin music industry as a whole. His expertise in identifying and nurturing talent, coupled with his passion for Latin music, will undoubtedly contribute to the discovery of emerging stars and the growth of the vibrant Andean music scene in the US Latin market. As fans and industry professionals eagerly anticipate the impact of Shaq's leadership, Warner Music Latina continues its commitment to promoting diverse voices and pushing the boundaries of musical innovation.