Wynwood's Art of Hip Hop Celebrates Miami's Leading Ladies of the Airwaves

Lucy Lopez, Supa Cindy, and Sitchiz Honored for Shaping Miami's Music Scene
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Wynwood's Art of Hip Hop Celebrates Miami's Leading Ladies of the Airwaves

On a vibrant Friday, March 15th, the Wynwood district, a nexus of cultural innovation, played host to an extraordinary event celebrating Women's History Month. The Art of Hip Hop, a pivotal player in the Miami art scene, orchestrated a tribute to three influential women in Miami's Hip Hop culture: Lucy Lopez (formerly of Power96), Supa Cindy (99 Jamz), and Sitchiz (103.5 The Beat). Their significant contributions to the music landscape and Hip Hop community were spotlighted, underscoring their roles as key voices and trendsetters.

Artists and mayor honor women

Artistic Honors and Mayoral Recognition

The event was further illuminated by the presentation of original portraits to the honorees, crafted by distinguished local female artists Tierra Armstrong, Nico, and Didi Contreras. This artistic accolade, facilitated by Da-Venya Armstrong of Armstrong Creative Consulting, symbolized the fusion of art and music. In a gesture of municipal appreciation, the Office of the Mayor of Miami-Dade County extended Proclamations to each of these women, acknowledging their enduring impact on the cultural fabric of Miami.

Hip Hop women's panel, celebration

Insights and Celebrations

Following the awards ceremony, a panel discussion took place, led by Allison Freidin, co-founder of the Art of Hip Hop and Museum of Graffiti. This conversation offered deep dives into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of women within the Hip Hop sphere. The event also provided a space for guests to connect, celebrate, and enjoy the evening, complemented by craft cocktails courtesy of Bartaco.

Hip Hop women celebrated, discussed

The Art of Hip Hop: A Cultural Beacon

The Art of Hip Hop stands as Wynwood's premier interactive exhibition, spotlighting the unsung heroes of Hip Hop's visual and fashion domains. Through its celebration of photographers, album cover artists, fashion and logo designers, and graffiti artists, the exhibition offers a comprehensive look into the creative forces propelling Hip Hop culture. This event not only honored the achievements of three notable women in the Miami Hip Hop scene but also highlighted the ongoing contribution of women to the broader cultural narrative, reinforcing the Art of Hip Hop's commitment to diversity and representation in the arts.