2024 Starts with a Bang: Paloma Mami's Latest Hit Single

The Song Promises to Be a Dance Favorite Across Continents
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2024 Starts with a Bang: Paloma Mami's Latest Hit Single

International music sensation Paloma Mami is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest single, "Dosis." In collaboration with the gifted Marcianeke & ITHANK NY, this trio has crafted a track that promises to energize her global fan base and add another hit to her impressive career. This release marks another significant stride in her prominence within the contemporary Latin female music industry.

Artist's Enthusiasm for the New Year

Kicking off 2024, Paloma Mami expresses her excitement about this fresh collaboration: "I'm thrilled to start the year by releasing this track. We're bringing our best to the fans. Every day, I feel more comfortable exploring new styles, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do."

A Strong Start to 2024

"Dosis" signifies a dynamic start to the year for Paloma Mami, highlighting her ongoing dominance in the urban music scene. Available on all digital platforms from January 25th, the release is accompanied by a vibrant music video, enhancing the experience of this unexpected collaboration.

Paloma Mami's Musical Journey

Known for her distinctive style and talent, Paloma Mami has carved an impressive path in the Latin music industry. With previous hits that have topped international charts, "Dosis" is set to further cement her status as one of the most influential and versatile artists today.

A Unique Collaboration

This release marks a unique collaboration with Marcianeke & ITHANK NY, two prominent figures in the contemporary music scene. Their combined talents promise to deliver an engaging and fresh musical experience to listeners.

Continued Musical Evolution

With a career defined by her ability to continually reinvent herself, Paloma Mami proves why she is an iconic figure in Latin music. "Dosis" is expected to be just that – a perfect blend of rhythm and excitement, showcasing Paloma Mami's unique flair.

Recent Endeavors and Collaborations

Recently, Paloma Mami collaborated with The Incorporated to create a limited edition capsule for ComplexCon 2023, available for purchase. She also features in the upcoming preliminary spring edition of V Magazine, the V146 - V Girls series, further highlighting her diverse talents and influence in the world of music and fashion.

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