Ali Stone Unveils "Afilá", Making a Strong Case for a Latin GRAMMY® Win.

Charting New Heights: How "Afilá" Reinforces Ali Stone's Musical Prowess.
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Ali Stone Unveils "Afilá", Making a Strong Case for a Latin GRAMMY® Win.

Los Angeles, CA: Platinum-certified music producer Ali Stone unveils her latest track, "AFILÁ". Seamlessly melding her indisputable talent and versatility, Stone further establishes her presence on the international music stage.

This new release comes hot on the heels of her recent Latin GRAMMY® nomination for the 24th Annual Awards. Stone was recognized in the Best Pop/Rock Song category for "Señorita Revolución", a collaborative effort with Mexican artist Bruses.

"AFILÁ" isn't just an auditory treat; it encapsulates the bold and rock-driven essence of Ali Stone. Moreover, it pays homage to the rich Colombian culture. Stone intricately weaves traditional Colombian percussion instruments like the tambora, guasa, güiro, and caja vallenata, presenting an innovative blend of rock, nu-metal, techno, and Colombian folklore. The result? A trailblazing and eclectic anthem that resonates with empowerment and authenticity.

Matching the song's energy is its visually captivating music video shot at the renowned South Park in Los Angeles. Directed by Santiago Fierro and brought to life by cinematographer Javier Bayona, the video features acrobatic stars Dani Chace and Reed Mayer. Echoing the grandeur of Hollywood action sequences, the video promises to be an enthralling visual experience that complements the song's vibe and message perfectly.

In essence, "AFILÁ" is a testament to what Ali Stone stands for as an artist: Boldness, passion, and authentic emotion in every note she produces. Dive into the world of Stone, and experience a musical journey like no other.