Amal Nemer Architect Turned Tech House Artist

How a career shift led to unexpected fame in the music industry
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Amal Nemer Architect Turned Tech House Artist

Amal Nemer, in an interview with FAME's Alejandra Medina, shares her transformative journey from an architect with no musical background to a passionate musician. She describes how music unexpectedly became her calling, influenced by support from friends and a deep personal connection to her art. Born in Venezuela with Lebanese roots, Amal faced cultural challenges but has harmoniously blended the strengths of both heritages into her life and music, which primarily focuses on techno and EDM.

She emphasizes the emotional depth of her songs, which often deal with themes of love, personal growth, and healing.Currently based in Miami, Amal is set for global stages with upcoming performances in locations like Ibiza and Barcelona. Reflecting on her rapid evolution in music, she discusses how each performance enriches her understanding of the world and herself. Music for Amal is more than a profession—it's a platform to impact lives positively, a journey that continues to fulfill her life's purpose.