AMAzedID Launches Pioneering Collaboration with Eichholtz Gallery and Mayela Rojas

Broadcasting Veteran and Design Enthusiast, Mayela Rojas, Joins Eichholtz as First Brand Ambassador
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AMAzedID Launches Pioneering Collaboration with Eichholtz Gallery and Mayela Rojas

In a landmark occasion, AMAzedID marked its presence in the design world through an innovative collaboration with Eichholtz Gallery Miami and Mayela Rojas, unveiling a new era of artistic partnership. This collaborative venture merges AMAzedID's profound knowledge in interior design and project development with Eichholtz Gallery's celebrated artistic flair, alongside the creative prowess of Mayela Rojas. In a pioneering move, Mayela was announced as the brand ambassador for Eichholtz, establishing a milestone in the brand's history and highlighting its commitment to integrating interior design within its artistic vision.

Creativity event highlights strategic alliance

The Essence of Creativity and Partnership

The event, exclusively sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, underscored the bank's dedication to fostering creativity, entrepreneurship, and community involvement. This partnership not only celebrates the convergence of art and design but also strategically positions AMAzedID and its partners in the vibrant Miami market. Adding a touch of sophistication, Kwaya Wines featured as a notable sponsor, enriching the event's ambiance and providing an elevated experience for all guests.

A Fusion of Talent and Vision

With a rich background spanning 25 years in broadcasting, coupled with an intense passion for interior design, Mayela Rojas brings an unparalleled blend of expertise to the table. Her illustrious career is a testament to her capability to thrive in the fast-paced media industry while also making significant strides in the realms of design and development. This collaboration signifies a melding of talent, innovation, and community spirit, paving the way for future endeavors that aim to transcend conventional design paradigms.

This strategic alliance promises to inspire and invigorate the design community, offering fresh perspectives and novel ideas that are poised to reshape our understanding of art and design's potential.