Behind the Music: CHICOCURLYHEAD Discusses "Many Nights" and Its Creation

CHICOCURLYHEAD discusses blending electronic, Latino, and Funk in his latest track "Many Nights," showcasing a year of musical exploration.
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Behind the Music: CHICOCURLYHEAD Discusses "Many Nights" and Its Creation

CHICOCURLYHEAD, a Panamanian artist now based in Atlanta, Georgia, discussed his music career and latest song "Many Nights" in an interview with Alejandra Medina from Fame magazine. He elaborated on the diverse musical styles in "Many Nights," incorporating elements of electronic, Latino, and Funk, a song that took about a year to complete due to the new musical style he was exploring with producer Rafael Alvarez. The theme of the song revolves around gaining perspective after distancing oneself from a past relationship, with its video further emphasizing this narrative.

CHICOCURLYHEAD also highlighted the benefits of his bilingual skills, allowing him to connect more deeply with a wider audience and blend various musical influences.Starting his career in music almost by chance after a friend invited him to a studio, CHICOCURLYHEAD originally pursued football. His music often reflects personal experiences and those around him, providing a broad spectrum of emotional and cultural narratives. He is keen on fusing Latino sounds with hip-hop and rap, aiming to create a unique blend that respects both cultures. This strategic approach not only caters to diverse audiences but also showcases his versatility and commitment to producing relatable and culturally rich music.