Bentley's Design Mastery Meets Miami's Luxe Life in Dezer's Newest Venture

Gil Dezer’s Bentley Residences offers an exclusive gourmet adventure, redefining room service with Michelin Star Chef offerings.
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Bentley's Design Mastery Meets Miami's Luxe Life in Dezer's Newest Venture

Recently, ya'll, I got a sneak peek at the Bentley Residences showroom in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, thanks to an invite from Gil Dezer. Let's talk luxury meeting innovation, but I’ll keep it straight to the point because, you know, we've got more glitz to cover than just shiny cars and high-rises.

Bentley and Dezer: The Luxe Link-Up
Slated for 2026, Bentley Residences is what happens when Bentley Motors and Dezer Development decide to play house. Not your average luxury gig; it’s a standout with 216 plush apartments. Think high-end, but with my touch of real talk.

The Dezervator: Elevating Cars and Eyebrows
The highlight? The 'Dezervator'. A car elevator whisking vehicles to their apartment doorstep. Sounds like something out of a Bond movie, right? But it’s real, ya'll.

Design by Bentley: Where Elegance Meets the Eye
Bentley's designers, Brett Boydell and Chris Cooke, are behind the wheel here, steering these spaces to not just live in but to marvel at. Bentley’s elegance? Check. Sophistication? Double check.

Amenities: More Than Just a Fancy Word
The Bentley Residences doesn’t skimp on the extras. Wellness center, private cinema, and more - all wrapped in Bentley’s unmistakable design flair.

Materials Matter: Bringing the Bentley Inside
Gil Dezer and Bentley went all out with natural materials like wood, leather, and glass, echoing the luxe vibe of Bentley interiors. It’s about that aesthetic harmony, ya'll.

Michelin Star Chef On-Dial: Room Service, But Make It Gourmet
And for the cherry on top? Michelin Star Chef room service. Because why go out when fine dining can come to you? Now that's what I call home cooking, Bentley style.

The Takeaway: Luxury Reimagined
Bentley Residences isn't just about living large; it’s about redefining luxury with a starting price of $4.2 million USD. It’s where Miami's tranquility meets Bentley's unmatched elegance.

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