Benzion Aboud Unveils "Opulence" New Luxury Furniture Line at Aroma360 Showroom

Elegance and Innovation Collide at Opulence by Hotel Collection’s Grand Opening
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Benzion Aboud Unveils "Opulence" New Luxury Furniture Line at Aroma360 Showroom

Opulence by Hotel Collection marked its grand opening with a vibrant event at the Aroma360 showroom on the evening of Thursday, April 11th. The launch showcased an exquisite collection of over 35 uniquely crafted wood and epoxy tables, each representing the brand’s commitment to innovative and artistic design. Founded by the visionary Benzion Aboud, known for his revolutionary approach to enhancing spaces with scent through Aroma360, Opulence by Hotel Collection embodies his passion for distinctive and alluring design elements. Attendees, including notables such as Benzion Aboud, Wayne Walton, and others, enjoyed an evening filled with Hotel Collection branded wine and signature cocktails, set to the musical backdrop of DJ Sandman and saxophonist Davisax.

Wayne Walton, Elliot Aboud, Kaan Beck by World Red Eye

The event not only highlighted unique furniture pieces but also illustrated the seamless integration of scent and visual aesthetics that Opulence aims to offer. Nestled within Aroma360's vast 10,000 square foot showroom, Opulence provides a multi-sensory experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a variety of design concepts all under one roof. This shared space serves as a canvas for Benzion's creativity, offering a glimpse into a world where each design element tells a story, all within the luxurious context of hotel-inspired elegance. The grand opening was a testament to the brand's philosophy—Opulence by Hotel Collection is not just a brand, it’s an experience.

Monica Sarnocola, James Linsley, Benzion Aboud & Virgilia Virjogh by  World Red Eye
Photo by World Red Eye