Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid 2023

An updated foodie guide for the plant-based aficionado 
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Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid 2023

Choose Ristorante

Best for: Vegan with an Italian twist

Location: C. de Segovia, 17, 28005 Madrid

Price: Mains from 15€

Vegan foodies in search of authentic Italian taste should seek out Choose Ristorante in the heart of Madrid. A hidden gem, this restaurant can be found in the vicinity of the famous Gran Via. I was genuinely impressed by the care taken in veganizing traditional Italian dishes while preserving their essential flavors. For the appetizer, I had the Arancinetti variety dish–a delicious plate of crunchy richly-flavored rice balls. I later got to try their truffle risotto along with their calzone with delicious caramelized onions and melted mozzarella “cheese”. Both of which were incredibly filling and flavorful. 

Anyone looking for a piece of Italy in the center of Madrid, should visit Choose Ristorante.

Santa y Pura

Best for: Soul food vegan bar

Location: C. de Sta. Isabel, 27, 28012 Madrid

Price: Mains from 10€

If you’re looking for some of the best street food in the city, this is the place. Now located in the scenic Lavapies neighborhood, a lovely vegan restaurant called Santa y Pura. This inviting eatery offers a selection of plant-based cuisine that are both aesthetically pleasing and savory. To add to the experience, there is a variety of artisan beers to choose from.

The atmosphere at Santa y Pura perfectly balances contemporary sophistication and old-world Spanish charm. The elegant design honors Spain's rich cultural heritage with bright artwork, cozy candlelight, and rustic wooden elements. They are happy to have you, whether you're coming for a romantic meal, a family celebration, or a get-together with friends. For a fusion of cultural dishes, you’re sure to find your next staple dish here.


Best for: Weekend brunch, welcoming vibes

Location: C. del Noviciado, 12, 28015 Madrid

Price: Mains from 10€

Brunch culture is nothing new in Madrid, and at Brunchit, vegans are welcome to participate in the fun. This vegan-friendly brunch spot is located in the trendy Malasaña neighborhood and offers a variety of plant-based breakfast and brunch options. I had the delight of enjoying their spanish omelet along with their colorful salad and vegan pancakes. The staff is incredibly welcoming and hospitable, making sure your start to end experience is an enjoyable one!

With a variety of colorful dishes, the stunning façade covered in every kind of flower imaginable is what makes it so special. A location that should be listed among Madrid's must-visit eateries and coffee shops. 

Photo credits: Distrito Vegano Facebook

Distrito Vegano

Best for: Comfort street food, greenhouse vibes

Location: C. del Conde de Romanones, 10, 28012 Madrid

Price: Mains from 12€

With the opening of Distrito Vegano in 2016, a vegan restaurant that is winning over taste buds all over the city, Madrid's already bustling food scene has just gotten even more intriguing. Distrito Vegano, located in the center of Madrid's action, provides a remarkable eating experience that is inclusive of all dietary requirements. The atmosphere is inviting and elegant from the moment you enter, making it the ideal location for an enjoyable meal.

The restaurant's tapas are a real standout and deserve special recognition. These small plates demonstrate the chef's skillful blending of traditional Spanish tapas ingredients, made plant-based. Each tapa is a miniature work of art, from the crunchy, paprika-seasoned patatas bravas to the creative vegamares - a 100% plant-based version of the typical Madrid squid. A must-visit on your next trip to the city.